The smile is one of the first things that anyone notices about you. It is what makes your first impression a good one. This is why it is important to have good teeth. Dentistry is very important to the health of your mouth. It not only can correct problems that you may have but can also ensure that you have that beautiful smile that you want.

As a dentist you will be required to perform many different job functions. The main job of a dentist is to examine a patient’s teeth and gums using x-rays to determine if there is any disease or decay present. They use this information to determine a plan of treatment for their patient. They use gloves, masks and other safety instruments to protect from infectious diseases that they may be exposed too. They may need to provide the patient with anesthesia during certain types of treatments. They provide preventative and corrective care. They advise patients on how to maintain their dental health. They may design or have dental implants made. These may be space maintainers, bridges, crowns, or whole and partial dentures. They use many types of instruments as a part of their job. These may include surgical elevators, dental forceps, wire cutters, dental hand pieces, pluggers, placing instruments and probes.

Dentist Salary:

As a dentist you will be in line for a very high rate of pay. The current national average dentist salary is about $162,000 per year. The amount that a dentist makes will depend on various factors such as the type of place you work, what specialty you work under, the education and experience that you have and even the area of the United States that you work in. Location is very important when it comes to the dentist salary. There are certain areas of the US that have a higher than average dentist wage. The top dentist pay rates can be found in these states: Alabama, North Dakota, Maine, Delaware and New Hampshire. In Alabama, the average dentist wage is $205,000 a year. North Dakota offers a pay rate for dentists of $206,000 per year. The salary for Maine dentists averages out to be around $208,000 per year. Delaware offers one of the highest salary amounts around. In Delaware, the dentist salary is $210,000 per year. The top salary in the country is found in New Hampshire. In New Hampshire, the dentist wage is $237,000 per year.

Dentist Education:

The educational requirements of a dentist will take a lot of time and dedication. The first step in becoming a dentist involves getting a bachelor’s degree. This can be in almost anything but it is recommended that you have a science or math degree. After graduation, you will need to take the Dental Acceptance Test. This will determine what schools will accept you. Once accepted into a dental school, you will need to complete a four year program. Your education is not over once you graduate from dental school. You will need to become licensed before you can practice. This involves passing a written and practical test. After you have completed your dental education and have passed your licensing exam, you are now legally able to practice medicine as a dentist.

Dentist Work Environment:

The work environment for a dentist is typical for most medical careers. Typically, dentists work in a medical office or hospital setting. Some dentists may work in a large dental practice or hospital and some work in their own offices alone. The work schedule for a dentist will vary. Most dentists will work a full time schedule and there are a few that work on a part time basis. As a part of the job, dentists need to know many different things. They will need to know how to manage their staff, how to run their office, accounting practices, billing practices, knowledge of dental orthodontics design and more. They will need great coordination skills, good speaking and listening skills, be able to manage their time well and able to monitor their patient at all times. Good critical thinking and judgment skills are needed as well.

Becoming a dentist could potentially be one of the most important decisions of your life. It is not a career that you should jump into just because of the great pay rate that it provides. There are many aspects to consider. Are you the type of person that can perform one task for hours? Are you the type of person that wants to help people? Can you handle highly stressful situations? Are you able to take control of the situation and be comfortable in the position of control? You will need to make snap decisions and the health of your patients will be in your hands. If this sounds like something that you can handle then becoming a dentist may be the perfect choice for you.

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