If you are considering a career in the medical field, you want to think about becoming a nurse. In this important profession, you will be working with doctors in your day to day activities. Not only that, you will also play a large role in helping each patient that comes in the health care facility. This field in medicine will demand you to be working with different kinds of people. You will not only assist physicians with their patients but you will also help them with treatment procedures, surgery, and even answer each patient who have questions about their illness.

To start your career in this profession, you have to finish a bachelor's or an associate degree in nursing. This will help you in your everyday responsibility as a nurse since you will be learning different subjects like physiology, anatomy, biology and chemistry just to name a few. After that, you have to make sure that you pass the National Council Licensure Examination or NCLEX-RN for you to be able to practice this wonderful profession.

As an entry level nurse, you can expect an average income of $60,000 a year. The nurses salary you can have once you managed to practice at least five years will be $68,000 per year. For nurses who already have at least a decade of experience will receive an average of $78,000 annually while those who have more than two years of working experience will get a median salary of $93,000 each year. This compensation rate will really depend on different factors like education, work experience, type of employer you wish to work for and even the location where you want to practice your profession.
Most nurses are found in different hospitals around the world but you can also find them in different health care facilities. In a hospital, the average nurses salary you can expect is around $70,000 a year. This will also increase depending on what area of the hospital you are assigned to. If you wish to work in a nursing care facility, you can receive a median income of $61,000 a year while, working in a health care facility you can have an average income of $65,000 per year. You can also consider working in a physician's office where you can expect an annual income of $73,000.

Nurses are in demand around the world and looking for a job as a nurse would not be that difficult. Since the standard of living is different for each state, the nurses salary you can receive will also vary. If you wish to work in California, you can expect a generous average income of $91,000 a year while, working in New York you can have a median salary of $75,000 annually. You can also consider practicing in Texas or Pennsylvania where you can receive an average income of $67,000 a year.

Pursuing this wonderful career is not an easy task. There are times that you are going to have long hours of work and sometimes you will also be working during night time and weekends. However, having great nurses salary that you can bring home will really make you continue helping other people to feel better.

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