If you are interested in working in the financial sector, you may be interested in the career of bookkeeping. A bookkeeper is a financial professional that keeps track of all the finances of a company. They update information and make sure that everything is accurate.

Bookkeepers work in the accounting department. They have several different job functions that they will need to complete on a daily basis. Bookkeepers these days use many different types of computer based bookkeeping software programs. They post information into these programs and receive and record cash, vouchers and other credits. They produce reports as needed. These reports can include income statements, balance sheets, cost analysts and account totals. Bookkeepers will also check figures in all the accounts. They will check all postings and any reports to make sure that all information is accurate. All differences must be first noted and then reconciled in the records. Bookkeepers may be in charge of all the accounts or only a select few accounts. Some bookkeepers may also handle payroll and make purchases for the business.

Bookkeeper Salary:

The current bookkeeper salary is about $36,000 per year nationally. Most bookkeepers work according to an hourly salary. The current hourly bookkeeper salary is $17 an hour. Experience is one of the most important variables that helps to determine the amount of the bookkeeper salary. As a new graduate you will not make as much as someone who has ten or more years of experience. The bookkeeper wage of a new graduate is about $21,000 per year. This is the starting salary per year and will increase with each year that you are working in the field. By the time you have five years of experience, you will make a bookkeeper income of $27,000 per year. The more experience you obtain, the more money you will be able to make. After you have ten years of experience, you will be able to make a bookkeeper salary of $34,000 per year. After fifteen years of experience in the job market, the bookkeeping income will be in the $43,000 range. The top salary will be obtained once you have twenty or more years of experience. The bookkeeper wage of $53,000 a year.

Bookkeeper Educational Prerequisites:

If you have decided to become a bookkeeper, you will need to attend some training and educational courses that will get you ready for the job. There are a few places that will hire people with no training as long as they have a high school diploma and train them on the job. However, this is becoming more rare as time goes on. There are several different roads you can take on the way to getting your bookkeeping degree. These options range from a certificate at a vocational or trade school to an associate, bachelor and masters degree. The amount of time it takes to complete will depend on the program that you choose. It can take anywhere from one year for a certificate to six years for a master’s degree. Courses will cover various topics. Some of these topics are how to prepare reports, computer science topics, payroll, financial statements, how to post debits and credits and much more.

Bookkeeper Work Environment:

The working environment for a bookkeeper is similar to that of many different types of office occupations. They will work in a well lit and well ventilated office area at a desk or work station of their own. The workstation will often include a computer, a desk, writing utensils and several pads of paper. The majority of bookkeepers work in large corporations in a pool of several bookkeepers. They often work in areas such as retail, professional services, financial institutions and health care industries. There is a high stress level involved in this career and you have to race against deadlines as a part of this job. The average bookkeeper will work a normal forty hours per week. Additional overtime may be required especially during certain times of the fiscal season such as during tax time and during auditing times of the year. The majority of the work will be done while sitting at a computer so you must be able to sit for long periods of time.

The career of a bookkeeper is perfect for someone who is very good at math, is very detail oriented and can follow strict rules and guidelines. You will be dealing with money every day so it is important that you have lots of integrity also. It is also a career in which there is a high level of job security. Currently, there are more than 1.8 million people who are employed as bookkeepers. There is also an expected fourteen percent more jobs being added to the job market. This means that there will an additional 259,000 jobs added to the market.

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