Brain surgery is a specialization that involves the management of various disorders affecting the brain, spinal column, peripheral nerves, and the rest of the nervous system. Some of the common medical conditions managed by a brain surgery doctor include head injuries, brain tumors, intracranial aneurysms, and a wide range of disorders affecting the spinal cord. In general, it is a discipline that provides both operative and non-operative management procedures such as diagnosis, prevention, critical care, rehabilitation, and treatment.

There are several responsibilities put upon the shoulders of brain surgery doctors. One is to analyze and record patient's medical history, allergies, state of health, and to assess the examination results to double-check if taking a surgery is still necessary. Next is to refer the patient to a medical specialist when needed, prepare case histories, and provide necessary consultations with other brain specialists.

Training and Preparation:

Prior to becoming a surgeon, you have to undergo a total of 14 years of extensive and intensive educational training and license preparation. After completing a four-year undergraduate degree, in which the course should be a pre-requisite course to medicine, you will then have to take another four years for medical school. Medical schools provide one year internship training that will lead to a five to eight years residency program. In addition, you can also take some specializations to become an expert.

Brain Surgeon Salary by State:

Surgery doctors are one of the highest paid physicians in the industry. Although it is a high paying job, becoming a surgeon will take an individual a lot of years of extensive training or internship. Still, the main factor that drives people to become such a professional is the high brain surgeon salary.

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average surgeon salary is $470,581 annually. Based on record, the highest reported surgeon salary in the United States is $936,000 per year and the lowest annual salary is $354,000.

Just like other professions, surgery doctors salary may also vary depending on several factors. Those factors include years of experience, location, education, and specialization. An entry level surgeon tends to earn an annual brain surgeon salary of around $68,000 to $200,000. For those surgeons with 10 years of experience, a brain surgeon salary of $200,000 to $550,000 per annum is most likely the case.

Those in the State of New York earn an average brain surgeon salary of $338,109 up to $513,925 for those with experience. Brain surgery doctors who are in the top ten percentile make $789,701 per annum. In Georgia, however, the top ten surgeons make $532,651 annually. In addition, according to the American Medical Group Association, the median salary for surgeons is $592,811.

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