A business analyst is a computer professional that analyzes a company’s current computer systems and procedures and recommends new systems to top executives to ensure the business is running as effectively as possible. This will include putting together business and computer expertise.

As a business analyst, you will have several job functions that you will have to complete. The main part of a business analyst job description is to test and maintain the current computer systems within the business and also to coordination the installation of any new systems. They also expand and modify the current systems as needed. Another part of the business analyst job functions is to develop testing procedures and quality standards for all the systems of the office. They review computer printouts of code to ensure that all code is correct and clean. They correct any code that may need it in addition to maintaining the code that has already been written. They also provide the staff with assistance of any computer problems including system malfunctions and program errors. Consulting with management about recommendations and the approval of theses recommendations will be a large part of the business analyst job description. They may read manuals, periodicals and other types of technical magazines to maintain awareness in the latest technical advances. The business analyst job description will involve testing of all the machines and programs and making any needed updates or improvements.

Business Analyst Salary:

The current average for business analyst per year is a salary of $75,000. This will depend on several factors such as the region you work in, the type of place you work, the amount of experience you have and the type of education that you have completed. The national starting salary for a business analyst is about $49,000 per year. This will increase every year that you work. By the time that you have five years of experience, the salary will increase to $62,000 a year. With ten years of experience, the average business analyst will make about $78,000 per year. After fifteen years of experience the salary will increase to $98,000 per year. The top salary for this career will be reached once you have twenty years or more of experience. After twenty years the average salary is $140,000 per year.

Business Analyst Education:

In order to get a job as a business analyst, you will need to obtain a college degree. Most employers prefer at least a bachelor’s degree. Higher level jobs such as at the senior level or complex jobs will require a graduate degree. There are many different degrees that may be accepted but most commonly are bachelor’s degrees in computer science, information technology and programming. This will take four years to complete for a bachelor’s degree and six or more years for a graduate degree. Courses of study will include computer applications, programming languages, telecommunication mathematics, computer architecture, data structures, project management, design, analysis, biometrics and more. Several projects will be required as a part of the degree plan. After graduation, many business analysts will take several continuing education courses to stay at the top of their game.

Business Analyst Work Environment:

The work environment for a business analyst will depend on the type of place that they work for. Typically business analysts will work in an office environment that contains a computer, desk and other types of computer equipment. Many analysts have their own offices or work as a part of a team. More than twenty five percent of business analysts work in computer systems design services and financial and insurance agencies. Analysts may work as employees of a company or they may be hired as consultants. If you are hired as a consultant you may need to travel to different places to complete the jobs that you have been hired for. Some analysts may work on a telecommunication work schedule. There may be lots of meetings involved as a part of this career. You will need to have very good written and oral communication skills. Most business analysts work a full time schedule that is often more than forty hours per week. The hours work can vary depending on the business and how complex the systems of the business are.

A career as a business analyst is a high level job within the computer science and technology industry. If you excel at computers and business, then this may be the perfect fit for you. The current job market for business analysts is above average. There are currently 544,000 computer professionals employed as business analysts. Within the next eight years, there is an expected twenty two percent increase in jobs being added to the market. This will create an additional 120,000 jobs by the year 2020. This makes choosing this career a great choice for you to make.

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