If you are the type of person that likes to help people in a medical environment then a job as a certified nursing assistant may be the perfect job for you. It is a job in which you will be working with patients to ensure that they receive a high level of treatment. It also offers a great working environment along with a nice salary.

As a certified nursing assistant your job will be providing basic care for patients that are in the hospital or in nursing care facilities. Your main job functions will be to clean and bathe patients that are unable to do this for themselves. You also will need to help patients dress and undress. A CNA will also help patients to the toilet and ensure that they have cleaned themselves properly. As a part of this job, you may need to position people in beds so that they do not get bed sores or transport them from their beds to wheelchairs and walkers. You will also talk to your patients about their ailments and speak to their nurse about their concerns. Another part of your job will involve taking the patients vital signs and recording this information on the medical charts. You may also need to help patients eat their meals and serve their food to them.

Certified Nursing Assistant Salary:

As a CNA you have the potential to make a great certified nursing assistant salary. The national average for certified nursing assistant wage is currently around $25,000 per year. This amount will depend on things such as the place you work and even the region that you work in. The highest paying certified nursing assistant salary can be found in the following states: California, Florida, Texas, Georgia and Washington State. The certified nursing assistant salary in Texas  is around $32,000. In Georgia, the average certified nursing assistant wage is about $35,000 a year. The CNA income in Washington state and Florida tops out around $41,000 per year. The certified nursing assistant salary in California is around the $40,000 range. The area that you work can be very important when it comes to the CNA wage as you can see from the above numbers.

Certified Nursing Assistant Education:

Like all medical professions, the education and training of a CNA is a very important part of this career track. If you decide that a career as a certified nursing assistant is the one for you, you will need to attend a college or vocational school that offers an accredited course or certificate program. This certificate program will generally take about six to twelve weeks to complete. There are even some accredited online course in which you can finish your training in as little as five weeks. The training and education for a CNA is split into two sections: in class book learning and on site clinical rotations. During classroom time, the CNA candidate will learn about anatomy, nursing skills, infections, medications and nutrition. During the on site clinical rotations they will work with real patients and gain valuable experience on the job. Once you have completed the education and training portion you will then need to take a certification exam. Each state has different requirements for the exam so check with your state. Once this has been passed, you may work as a CNA.

Certified Nursing Assistant Work Environment:

As a certified nursing assistant, your work environment will depend on the type of facility that you are working for. However, the environment is typically a medical facility or doctor’s office. More than fifty five percent of CNAs work in nursing care facilities. Most of the work that is done as a CNA is done on your feet and will involve heavy lifting and stretching. The work that you do will also involve doing things you may not normally want to do such as cleaning waste off of patients and emptying patients bedpans. Uniforms are typically worn as a part of this job to protect you from any damage to your clothing. Oftentimes scrubs are worn in this occupation. Comfortable shoes are also needed due to the amount of hours that you will be on your feet.

The job of a CNA is an important one. It involves doing several nursing tasks that patients can no longer do for themselves. This is why the nature of the job is not for everyone. However, the job outlook for certified nursing assistant is very good. Currently there are more than 1.5 million people employed as CNAs. In the next few years there are to be many more jobs added to the market. There is an expected twenty percent increase in jobs by 2018. This means that there will be an additional 300,000 jobs added. Which means that making the decision to become a CNA could be one of the best decisions that you make.

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