If you love science along with the process of making and manufacturing products and machines, then a job as a chemical engineer may be perfect for you. The career of a chemical engineer offers a great salary, good job potential and lots of room for advancement within the field.

As a chemical engineer, your main job function will be to design, develop and evaluate products and the  machinery that makes these products. You will also be in control of all the processes that are used and ensure that they work correctly and efficiently. A chemical engineer also makes sure that all safety and environmental regulations have been met. A main part of your job will be researching different methods to accomplish the manufacturing of products. You will design the equipment that is used. This will include the layout and look of the device. You will also be in charge of testing and implementation of the machines. Engineers also monitor the use of the machines. A CE will also estimate costs of production for companies that they work for and look for ways to cut costs with the designing of these machines. They also use chemical processes to separate different types of liquids and harmful chemicals.

Chemical Engineer Salary:

The average chemical engineer salary is about $99,000 per year. This salary is the average for a well seasoned chemical engineer. The starting chemical engineer salary is around $59,000 a year. The more experience that you have, the more money you will make. After you have five years of experience in the field, you can expect a chemical engineer wage of around $73,000 a year. With ten years of experience, you will able to get a chemical engineer salary of about $92,000 per year. The chemical engineer income will continue to increase with more experience. After fifteen years of work experience, your salary range with be about $116,000. The top level of experience will be once you have twenty or more years of experience. At this level you will be making a chemical engineer wage of around $140,000 per year.

Chemical Engineer Educational Requirements:

If you find that the career of a chemical engineer is the career for you, then you will need to attend an accredited college course. These courses will be very intensive in the science sector, so it is important that you are interested in science and understand it well. The program that you choose must be accredited by ABET. This is very important to your career. These courses generally take four to six years depending on the program that you choose. The courses will include in class room work in subjects such as design, analysis, chemical control, biological processes and much more. These programs are also heavily intensive in several types of sciences. You will also get the chance to apply these processes that you have learned in the lab and in real life during practical work. After you have graduated, you may decide that you want to become licensed. This is not required but it is recommended. To become licensed you will need to take two tests. The first test can be taken upon graduation. The second test will be taken after you have some experience. Once both tests have been completed, you are now licensed.

Chemical Engineer Work Environment:

The work environment of a chemical engineer will depend upon what projects you are working on and the level of these projects. The typical job environment will include working in both an office setting and a lab setting. As a part of your job, you may also have to visit factories or manufacturing plants to ensure operations are going smoothly. There may be a lot of travel that is required as a part of this job. Most chemical engineers work a normal full time schedule. Most do not work on the weekends although occasionally there may be some overtime required while working on large projects. Sometimes the hours of a chemical engineer can extend past the sixty hours a week mark. Very rarely will a chemical engineer work on a part time schedule.

The job of a chemical engineer offers many different benefits. Not only does it offer a great salary and a nice work environment, but it also offers a way for you to work as part of the exciting field of manufacturing all kinds of different products and machines. It is also a way to get a great job within the science field and put your expertise to great practical use. Currently there are more than 30,000 people who are employed as chemical engineers. In the next couple of years there is an expected six percent increase in the job market. This means that there will be more than 1,800 more jobs added to the job market by 2018.

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