If you are looking for a stable career but you do not want to be stuck behind a desk for the majority of your work hours, then you may want to look into becoming a civil engineer. Civil engineers work on big construction projects and have to visit the sites of these projects so there is some travel involved in the job.

There are three types of civil engineers: geotechnical, structural and transportation. Geotechnical engineers make sure that foundations are stable enough to build on or that foundations that are place are in good condition. Structural engineers work with construction projects such as dams, bridges and large building projects. Transportation engineers work on projects such as streets, roads and highways. As a civil engineer, you will be the head of some of the largest construction projects out there. These include the building of bridges, dams, airports and buildings. Part of your job will include analyzing all of the materials to be used and considering the cost of the project. A CE will test the materials to be used for accuracy. They also test the site’s soil to make sure that it can handle the project and that there are not any type of deposits in the soil. You also must ensure that all hazards and regulations are followed. Computer software is used to design systems such as transportation and large buildings.

Civil Engineering Salary:

The civil engineering salary is a salary in which you will make a nice amount of money. The current average is $78,000 a year. The amount that you make will depend on the city or state that you work from. The civil engineering salary in Maryland, Texas and New Jersey is $89,000 a year. Alaska has a civil engineering income of $91,000 a year. The best civil engineering salary is in California. In the state of California, there is an average civil engineer wage of $95,000 a year. As you can see, the amount that you can make for the civil engineering wage will depend on the workplace and also the state that you live in. The top paying cities are Lafayette, LA at $103,000, San Francisco, CA at $104,000 and Salinas, CA at $111,000 a year.

Civil Engineering Education:

If you have decided to become a civil engineer, you will need to attend a program that has been accredited by the ABET. This is vitally important as you will need to be licensed after you graduate from the program. These programs generally take four years to complete and will result in a bachelor’s degree. Course work will include topics such as interpersonal skills, customer service, engineering statistics, math, structural design, soil identification and much more. When this has been completed and you have your degree, you will be eligible to take the fundamentals of engineering exam. This must be passed and you must be licensed in your state before you can begin working. Other tests may also be required depending on the state that you are licensed in. All employers will check to make sure that you are licensed as it is a state law.

Civil Engineering Work Environment:

The work environment of a civil engineer varies. Some engineers work in office buildings or labs. Some engineers work on site at construction projects or production sites. There is some travel involved when working as a civil engineer as you may need to visit the site of your projects and oversee them. The work week of a civil engineer also varies. It will depend on the project you are working on and how far along the project is. The normal work schedule is around forty hours a week although there may be some heavy overtime hours and weekend hours when running against a tight deadline or if problems have been encountered on a project that they are in charge of. This type of job does have a high stress level so you will need to understand how to control your stress levels. Being level headed is also a good trait to have. You will be working with others so you will need to have good communication skills. Problem solving skills are high on the list of traits for a civil engineer.

The career of a civil engineer is a career in which you have some very important job functions. You are in charge of very large structures and this means that you will be in charge of all the people working on these projects. This is why you make such a nice civil engineering salary. In the next couple of years, there is a nineteen percent increase in jobs being added to the market. This means that more than 51,000 jobs will be added to the market. This means that not only is it a great job to have, but it also means that it is a stable job.

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