The technical field is one of the most lucrative and exciting career fields to enter. If you have a knack for computer programming and love to work with computers it may be the perfect field to look into. A computer software engineer is a computer professional that creates, changes and develops general software applications and utility programs.

As a computer software engineer you will have many different job functions. The first job of a computer software engineer is to modify existing software to fix any errors or change it so that it is compatible to other hardware and improve the performance of the software. Software engineers will also develop system testing procedures. This can allow easier validation of software processes and changes to the programming and documentation of the programs code. Software engineers will also work in a large team of other computer professionals. They will analyze the needs of the software users and design software within these parameters. They also store and retrieve data for system requirements and capabilities. They will consult with customers to make sure that all of the software’s needs are met. They also coordinate installation and maintenance on the software systems. They collect data on costs, format, and security needs of their customers and users.

Computer Software Engineer Salary:

The average computer software engineer salary is about $88,000 per year. This amount is dependent upon several factors such as education, experience, region of employment and type of facility that you work in. There are numerous states and regions in the United States that offer a higher than average computer software engineer wage. The following states offer more than $7,000 more than the national average. These states are New Jersey,Maryland,Massachusetts,Virginia and California. The computer software engineer income in these states range from $97,000 to $104,000 per year. The top cities to work in are San Jose, CA, Sioux City, IA, Amesbury, MA and El Centro, CA. The top computer software engineer salary being $136,000 in El Centro, CA.

Computer Software Engineer Education:

The education requirements for a computer software engineer requires that you first have a high school diploma and then you will need to have a very good background in computer programming and the understanding of computer programs and software. Typically, the majority of all employers are looking for applicants that have a bachelor’s degree. Most computer software engineers have degrees in computer science or software engineering. Courses will include software design, verification and validation of software, project management, software requirements and configuration, quality assurance, math, science, computer architecture, database design, statistics technical writing, leadership and more. The education and training will involve in class work, several projects and lab work. An internship may be available. Most courses will take about four years to complete. Graduates may also choose to become certified. Although, it is not required certifications not only get more job offers but make more money in the long run. Certifications are offered by several different vendors such as Microsoft and computing societies such as the Association of Computer Machinery.

Computer Software Engineer Work Environment:

The work environment for a computer software engineer is typical for most computer professionals. This will include working from a computer workstation that may include a desk, computer, telephone and several writing utensils. As a part of this career, you may have to speak to clients and users of the systems that you are performing maintenance on. This may involve phone conversations and face to face meetings. As a part of your day, you will need to make several decisions and will need to spend many hours carrying out these decisions. Most of your work may be unstructured so you will have to have good time management skills. You will need to be highly accurate and able to process and analyze information quickly. You will need to think creatively and identify and prioritize problems and their solutions. The average work hours for a computer software engineer are usually over forty hours per week. Some overtime may be required. Long hours are very common in this career and most of the work will be done while sitting still for many hours. Many computer software engineers may telecommute and will often work in different locales.

The career of a computer software engineer is a very lucrative career that offers many benefits. Not only does it offer a very nice salary it also offers many options such as insurance and retirement plans. Computer software engineers also have a great job outlook for the future. Currently, there are almost one million computer professionals employed as computer software engineers. In the next eight years, there is an expected thirty percent increase in the job market. This is higher than the average rate at which most jobs are currently growing. This means that there will be an additional 270,000 jobs created for computer software engineers.

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