The criminal justice field encompasses many different careers that involve laws, law markers and law enforcers. There are many different criminal justice careers and salaries out there. You just need to choose the one that suits you the best. These range from a FBI agent to a forensic accountant to a US Marshall to a Police officer. There are literally hundreds of different jobs you can get within this field.

When looking for one of the criminal justice careers and salaries, a good career to look at is a forensic science technician.. This job involves collecting evidence and performing tests on the evidence to determine the outcome of an investigation. This can include performing hair and saliva analysis, ballistics testing on guns and ammunition and fingerprint testing and analysis. Another job within the criminal justice career field is a police officer. Police officers work to enforce laws and make sure that citizens stay safe. This can involve investigating crimes to interrogating suspects and interviewing witnesses. There are so many different criminal justice careers and salaries. One of the most sought after is that of a CIA or FBI agent. These agents are specialized police officers that work on high profile cases such as serial killers and mafia crime rings.

Criminal Justice Salary:

The criminal justice careers and salaries will depend on the type of career that you choose. If you decide that you want to be a police officer, the average forensic science technician salary is about $55,000 per year. The police officer salary is about $56,000 per year. A police detective can make as much as $60,000 per year. A CIA agent or a FBI agent makes an average of $74,000 a year. As you can see, the type of criminal justice career you choose will determine the amount of the salary that you can expect. Another thing that will affect the criminal justice careers and salaries is the amount of experience you have working in the field. Well trained police officers can make as much as $97,000 per year while a seasoned CIA agent can make $155,000 per year.

Criminal Justice Education:

Many of the careers in the criminal justice career path will have similar educational requirements. But there may be other requirements besides earning a degree depending on the type of criminal justice career that you go into. Most criminal justice careers will require a high school diploma. Additionally, many of the careers will also require a bachelor or master’s degree in criminal justice. This process will take you four to six years depending on the criminal justice program that you enter. Courses of study will include crime theory and victimization, juvenile justice, criminal justice system, research, administration of justice, legal sciences, law making, statistics, ethics, investigation procedures and more. Other courses may be required depending on the career track that you plan to take within the criminal justice field. Some field work may be done in the investigation fields such as a CSI agent or a forensic scientist. Some programs of study will also include an internship.

Criminal Justice Work Environment:

The work environment for criminal justice careers will vary a lot. It will greatly depend on the type of work you decide to go into. Just like the criminal justice salaries vary, so do the work places. If you decide to be a forensic scientist, you will work primarily in a lab and will work with evidence. Much of your work is done in the lab and you will not be in contact with the suspects or the victims. You in essence work behind the scenes. If you decide to become a detective or a police officer, you will work in an office setting and also in the public. You will need good communication and listening skills as you will need to interview and interrogate people. Work can include working out in the elements and you will be doing a considerable amount of field work. The hours for most criminal justice careers are long. You typically are assigned cases and may have lots of overtime hours until these cases are complete. Many criminal justice careers work more than sixty hours a week.

The criminal justice system is one of the most important systems in our country. Working in this career field is a highly respected and often times dangerous way to make a living. The criminal justice careers and salaries vary a lot but each career track has great aspects to it. Currently, there are more than 2 million criminal justice employees. The criminal justice field is also seeing an expanding rate of ten to twenty one percent in the job market depending on the field that you decide to enter. It is also a field that will always be there and that will always need new people to keep our country safe and secure.

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