Forensics is the career field that involves the solving of crimes, DNA profiling, pathology and dentistry. These are some of the fields that you can go into if you are interested in forensics. Several of these functions are used when trying to solve crimes. This is where the job of a crime scene investigator comes in.

As a crime scene investigator, you will be one of the first professionals at the scene of the crime. It is your primary job to survey the scene and collect all of the evidence that is available and preserve it correctly. This is one of the most important jobs when it comes to crime solving as it is possible to reconstruct the crime scene with all of the clues that you collect. It may also pinpoint all the key players in the crime and help you to find suspects. After all the evidence has been collected, a CSI will need to prepare a report with all of the findings including any drawings or photos that have been taken while at the scene. These reports are often used in court or in the interrogation room by police officers. They may use tweezers, black lights, zip lock bags and more to collect and transport their evidence to the lab. Within the crime lab they will perform functions such as classifying evidence through scientific analysis. Consult with expects in fields such as toxicology, DNA and more.

Crime Scene Investigator Salary:

The crime scene investigator salary is a very lucrative way to make a living. The current CSI income is around $69,000 a year. The amount that you make for the crime scene investigator salary will be dependent upon several things. An important part of getting a job is the amount of experience you have working in the crime scene field. Employers are always looking for well trained members to add to their lab, but everyone has to start at the bottom. The starting crime scene investigator salary is around $32,000 a year. This amount will increase to $40,000 by the time you have five years of experience. At ten years, the crime scene investigator income will be in the $52,000 range. Fifteen years of experience will get you a CSI wage of $62,000 a year. As a senior crime scene investigator you will have twenty or more years of experience. With this level of experience you can expect a crime scene investigator wage of $84,000 per year.

Crime Scene Investigator Education:

The majority of CSI members were previously police officers so they have met all the requirements and training for the police academy before entering training for crime scene investigation. However, there are more and more applicants that have no police background. If you have no police background, you will need to have a bachelor’s degree in either forensic science or another type of natural science. The CSI program generally takes an additional four years to complete. There are currently thirty eight accredited CSI programs to choose from. The course will cover many subjects such as biology, chemistry, extensive forensic science topics, math and biology. Much of your training will be done in an actual lab to give you the groundwork that you will need to succeed in this career.

Crime Scene Investigator Work Environment:

As a CSI member, you will be working in several different environments. These can include on site crime scenes that can be located inside or outside in the elements. You may also be working inside a crime scene lab. Many crime scene investigators are employed by medical examiners and police departments so you may work in a morgue or in a crime scene lab and there will be travel that is involved as you will be visiting crime scenes to collect evidence and then transport it the lab. You may have to view deceased people and horrifying scenes. Hours worked will vary and you will often work overnight or as an on call basis. If you work in the crime lab, you may have more normal hours than you would if you actually travel to the crime scenes and collect the evidence. Although both types of CSI jobs will require you to be on call in case of an emergency case overnight.

Crime scene investigating is not only a lucrative job but it is a career in which your mind will constantly be involved. It is not a boring desk job in which you just sit behind a desk. You will be part of a very exciting career. As part of this career, you will need very good listening and written communication skills. You will also need highly developed critical thinking and problem solving skills in order to do your job to the best of your abilities. If this sounds good to you, crime scene investigating may be perfect for you.

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