EKG technician salary expectations are generally a bit lower than other positions in the medical field, but this does not mean it should deter you if you find cardiovascular monitoring intriguing. People entering the current job market today are learning quickly that the health care sector is one of the few safe havens in tough economic times. In fact, salaries aside, the job security alone can make careers in the profession very profitable. However, when it comes to EKG technicians, there are certain things you must be aware of as you consider this career path.

Recent developments have led to nursing students and medical assistants learning the skills required in performing electrocardiographic tests on patients, and this can greatly reduce the amount of job opportunities available for an EKG technician. By placing electrodes on an individual's arms, legs, and chest, a doctor can read a printed report of the patient's cardiovascular well-being. An EKG technician ensures that all electrodes are properly placed and that all equipment is functioning up to standards.

The average EKG technician salary is usually around $24,000 to $26,000 per year. Most training required for the position is done on the job, and as long as you have a high school diploma or GED equivalent, you can easily get a training certificate. Usually, one can find training courses at community colleges or technical institutes. A vocational program may take anywhere from two to four months, and certain specializations can garner higher wages upon the program's completion.

Many cardiologists seek EKG technicians certified in alternative disciplines within the field, such as Holter monitoring and "stress tests". These variations on standard EKG's require long-term monitoring and care, which explains the higher levels of necessary certification. Becoming licensed in these areas can greatly increase job opportunities for the program graduate. Again, as in all medical professions, specialization can greatly impact the EKG technician salary expectation.
The work week an EKG tech can expect to endure will be 40 hours on average, and extensive walking and standing are requirements of the position. Those with physical ailments that can complicate or hinder the ability to do so may want to consider another medical position.

The EKG technician salary average is directly proportional to the amount of schooling required to get started. On the job training makes this an enticing career for those looking to dive directly into a profession immediately. The ability to keep those around you in good spirits will also help improve your worth, as patients always appreciate a smile given their condition. If you are considering a career in the cardiovascular testing arena, it's important to remember that any specialization you get will better secure your job opportunities. As nursing students and medical assistants begin to train on EKG machines as well, those without specialized training may find themselves in the midst of a dwindling job market. Should you find that your EKG certification isn't garnering what it once did, simply make a lateral move to another medical position. This ability is what makes the health care industry unique and very appealing.

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