The medical field has long been one of the best industries a person can enter. It is a field that has a wide range of careers in addition to one of the highest rates for job growth. All of this is true of the career as an EMT. As an EMT, you will be the first responder on the scene so your job is vitally important to the health of your patients.

An EMT, or emergency medical technician, is to be the first responder to the scene when you call 911 for an emergency situation. There are two levels of EMTs. These are EMT-B and EMT-I. As an EMT, your main job is to respond to the calls that arrive on the emergency line. You will be part of the staff that is within the ambulance that shows up on the scene. You may have to resuscitate a patient, bandage sores, give CPR and transport a patient to the hospital. One of the first jobs as a EMT is to assess the patient and determine what the best course of treatment for each patient is. They follow very strict guidelines and must report to a physician. They report all observations to the emergency doctor on call. They document all of their findings and advise the doctor of all procedures that have been performed on the patient.

EMT Salary:

The job of a EMT offers a very nice salary. The average EMT salary is currently about $30,000 per year. The amount that you make will depend on how much experience you have as an EMT. The EMT salary can also depend on the type of company that you work for. The average starting EMT wage is around $20,000 a year. The more experience you get, the more you can expect for your EMT income. With five years of experience you can expect a EMT salary of $24,000. At ten years of experience the EMT wage can be around $30,000 per year. With fifteen years of experience you can expect a salary of $40,000 a year. After you have twenty years of experience you are considered to be a senior EMT. This means that you will be able to get the highest salary possible. At this level, you can expect a EMT salary of $52,000 a year.

EMT Educational Requirements:

The education and training for an emergency medical technician is very important. Although it does not take very long, the training that you receive is important as your main job is to save people’s lives. This is why your training is so important. There are several levels of EMTs and the training that you receive will depend on the type of EMT you graduate as. If you plan to become an EMT, your first training will consist of the training for an EMT-B. This is an EMT basic and the first level of EMTs. This will require 100 hours of training. Once the 100 hours have been completed, you are eligible to take the certification test. After this has been passed you can now work as an EMT-B. The certification must be retaken every two years. You must pass the EMT-B training before you can go to training to become an EMT-I. This level requires the EMT-B training to be completed in addition to 1000 additional hours of training at the Intermediate level. Once this is complete you will need to take an additional certification test. You have six attempts to pass the test and will get results sent to you in about two weeks time. You must also take 72 hours of continuing education classes.

EMT Work Environment:

As an EMT, your work environment will constantly change. There will be many hours of riding around in an ambulance and you will also spend many hours on site with patients during treatment. A lot of the work may be done in outside areas so you will be exposed to the elements. This is a highly stressful job as you will be put in life and death situations every moment of your job. Since your job involves sick people and people who have injuries, your job has a high level of injuries and sicknesses. You will be bending and lifting as a large part of your job so this can result in injuries. Sometimes your patients may not want treatment and may try to get away from you or make treatment hard so this must also be taken into consideration.

The job of an EMT is a very high stressful and important job. It is a job in which you can be very proud of the work that you do. It is also a very stable job to get. EMTs have one of the highest job expansion rates on the market. Within six years, there is an expected thirty three percent expansion in the job market for EMTs. This means that there will be an additional 75,000 jobs added to the market.

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