An esthetician salary will depend on a few factors. Some of the factors include where an esthetician works, if they will be paid a salary or commission based and how much education they have and what area of education they have. The salary will obviously be a bit lower for a newly licensed esthetician.

A basic esthetician salary will be around twenty-five thousand dollars a year. As one gains experience, they can expect to earn around thirty-five thousand dollars a year and this is considered to be the high end. However, some are making around sixty-thousand dollars a year but that is with a lot of experience and they usually have a lot of clients who go see them.

A person who becomes an esthetician will have a wide range of job duties to accomplish. They will need to evaluate clients' skins by using magnifying lamps and other types of equipment that is designed to check out client's skin and the appearance of the skin. They will also provide massages to the face, apply chemical peels that are suppose to reduce age spots and fine lines and they will perform facials and extractions. An esthetician salary will rise as a person gains more experience doing these job duties.

An esthetician will have to know how to care for skin properly and they will have to make recommendations to clients. They will have to recommend skin-care regimens to their clients. They also have to decide and tell clients which skin products will help improve their skin the most. Estheticians also have to wax clients' body and facial hair. They will also need to know how to use treatment masks and how to apply chemical peels. Estheticians will also learn how to use specialized products and various nail care tools as well as cosmetic and hair tools too.

In order to become an esthetician a person needs to take some courses that are design to train people to become an esthetician. They need to get their license in order to work in a specific state or region. The amount of hours required to get licensed will vary but a person can expect to do between 300 to 600 hours of training. They will also have to pass a hands-on exam and/or a written exam. A degree is not required to become an esthetician but a person does need to get a license and then stay on top of recent news in the industry.

The work environment is also a reason why people become estheticians. The work environment is often fast paced and one day will be different from another day. This is because they will be dealing with many different types of clients. They will also be doing a lot of customer service because they are constantly talking to clients and providing them with services. When it comes to getting a high esthetician salary, providing good customer service and retaining a client base and gaining new clients are important factors in getting a high salary and an average salary.

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