Exercise physiologists are health professionals that assess, plan and carry out fitness programs to improve cardiovascular fitness, strength, endurance and flexibility. The educational requirements and exercise physiologist salary are provided below.

The main job of an exercise physiologist is to design and implement an exercise program to improve a clients strength, endurance, circulation and flexibility. They measure a patients body fat percentage using calipers or tape measures. They perform a stress test using an EKG machine. They measure oxygen consumption and lung functions. They perform lab tests for blood samples and to check the cholesterol and glucose levels. They explain the exercise program to the client and testing procedures to the patient. They may demonstrate the correct use of equipment and provide examples on how to use the equipment correctly. They may prescribe an exercise program that uses equipment such as a treadmill, exercise bike and other gym implements. They provide all of their clients with clinical oversight for working out and safe and easy exercise programs to follow. They evaluate the client to determine any changes that need to be made to the program.

Exercise Physiologist Salary:

The exercise physiologist salary for the United States is about $45,000 per year. This exercise physiologist salary amount will depend on several factors including the type of place you work, the amount of experience you have, your level of education and even the part of the United States that you live in. Experience is often one of the first things that a potential employee looks at when hiring a new staff member. The same is true for exercise physiologists. For new exercise physiologists, the average starting exercise physiologist salary is $36,000 per year. This will increase with experience you gain while working on the job. After you have five years of experience your exercise physiologist salary will increase to $40,000 per year. With ten years of experience your exercise physiologist salary will go up to $45,000 per year. The more you work the more money you will earn for the exercise physiologist income. With fifteen years of experience the exercise physiologist pay rate will increase to $52,000 per year. The top exercise physiologist salary will be obtained once you have at least twenty years of experience. At this high level of experience the exercise physiologist salary averages out to be $57,000 per year. Pay increases may also happen with good job performance and with staying with one company for a long time.

Exercise Physiologist Education:

The exercise physiologist salary will be based upon the education. If you have decided that you want to become an exercise physiologist you will need to attend an accredited exercise science program. Most jobs will require that you obtain a bachelor’s degree which will take about four years to complete. Make sure that the program that you choose is accredited. You may also want to work at a health care facility or to volunteer at a hospital or other type of medical facility. Not only will this give you hands on experience but it can also be used for internship credits. Courses of study in college will include kinesiology, motor development, prevention and care of injuries, physiology of exercise, bio-mechanical analysis, wellness, exercise testing, exercise and sports nutrition, theory of strength and several other courses including math and science. Courses will include classroom learning and clinical rotations in which you will get the chance to work with real patients. Upon graduation, you will need to take the exercise physiologist certified exam given by the ACSM. Once this test has been passed, you are now fully trained and able to start applying for exercise physiologist jobs.

Exercise Physiologist Job Description:

The exercise physiologist salary and job description for an exercise physiologist can vary depending on the type of place that you are employed by. They may work in a health care environment and provide care and treatments for physical and occupational therapy patients. Some may work in hospitals caring for patients with certain types of debilitating diseases. Others may work at a college teaching proper health and fitness activities. There are others that may work in research and development facilities. The environment can vary depending on the types of activities that you oversee. You may work in an office, a classroom or even in a gym. The work hours for an exercise physiologist are typically a full time schedule of forty hours per week. Generally they work a normal work day although some may work on the weekends.

There are many great reasons that you may decide that you want to be a part of this exciting career opportunity. It is a job in which you will get to work with people who want to better themselves. You will also be able to teach people the skills that they need to succeed. If you love exercise and want to help other people to maintain a good level of health, then a job as an exercise physiologist may be the perfect exercise physiologist salary and career for you.

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