A doctor is one of the most noble careers that you can go into. It involves providing your patients with the medical attention that they need while also ensuring that they stay as healthy as possible. As a doctor you will be able to help people while also making a great doctor salary.

As a doctor you will have several duties that you will need to complete. The duties that you perform may also depend on the patient you are seeing and the specialty that you work under. No matter which patient a doctor is seeing, one of the first things on the agenda is to take the patient’s history and gather any symptoms that they are currently having. Then the doctor will update the chart with this information and also any information regarding the patient’s condition. Doctors may also need to order tests for other medical professionals to do such as an MRI or a Cat Scan. They will review these tests with the medical professionals to identify any abnormalities. They will come up with a plan for the patient’s treatment based on their symptoms and the findings of any tests that have been performed. They carry out this treatment plan and answer any questions that the patient may have about their condition, prognosis or treatment. They will also advise patients on proper nutrition and hygiene.

Doctor Salary:

The average doctor salary is currently about $202,500 per year. This amount will however greatly depend on the type of specialty you work under, the amount of experience you have, the type of place you work, if you have your own practice and much more. The type of specialty that you work under will affect the amount that you will make for the doctor salary. A family practice doctor makes a doctor wage of $189,000 per year. If you specialize in pediatrics the average doctor income is $192,000 per year. Internal medicine specialties will make an average of $205,000 per year. A gynecologist makes and average doctor salary of $281,000 a year. A general surgeon makes and average wage of $343,000 a year. The top paying specialty is anesthesiology. Anesthesiologists make an average doctor salary of $407,000 a year.

Doctor Education:

If you have decided that you want to become a doctor, it is important to understand that it will take lots of hard work, dedication and many years of training and education to become a doctor. In order to enter medical school, you will need to complete a bachelor’s degree. This can be in any subject but most medical schools prefer students that have a degree in a math or a science. After you have a bachelor’s degree, you can apply to medical school. It is important to choose an accredited school. The medical school portion of your education will take about six years to complete. The education and training in medical school is split into classroom learning, lab work and clinical rotations. There will be two years of clinical rotations in a real medical setting required as a condition of graduation. Upon graduation, you will need to complete a residency program that will at the least last for two years. Once the residency requirements have been met, you will need to take a licensing exam. After passing this exam you are now a real doctor and can start practicing medicine.

Doctor Work Environment:

The work environment for a doctor is similar to that of most medical environments. They often work in an office setting or in a hospital setting. The work environment is often well lit, nicely maintained and very sterile and clean. Doctors may work in their own practice, as a part of a large doctor practice or in a hospital with many other types of medical professionals. Doctors usually have a very heavy workload and may see as many as 100 patients in a week’s time. They may have to stand for long periods of time and reach over patients. They often will need a steady hand to perform certain types of procedures. All doctors need a sharp mind and must be able to pay attention to the smallest details. As a doctor the work schedule will vary. Many doctors work more than sixty hours a week. Often they will work at night, on weekends and even holidays. Many doctors are also on call twenty four hours a day.

Becoming a doctor can be one of the greatest tasks that you may ever undertake. It will take many years before you will be able to complete your training and education. But in the long run it will be worth it as you will be able to make a huge difference in many people’s lives. If you like working with people and you want to help people when they need it the most, then a career as a doctor may be the perfect career for you.

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