A flight attendant has long been one of the most stable and satisfying careers within the United States. They provide personal services to travelers on an aircraft. Anything that you need during your flight, the flight attendant is there to assist you.

Flight attendants will direct customers in emergency procedures and evacuation procedures during emergency landings. They will also assist small passengers such as child or a handicapped person. They also announce safety procedures over the intercom.. This will include the process of oxygen masks and life jackets. Flight attendants will walk the aisles of the aircraft and ensure that passengers are following the correct procedures according to federal regulations. They will also ensure that all emergency equipment is in the correct place and in proper working order. They provide first aid services to passengers. Flight attendants are also required to attend meetings regarding weather, crew procedures, food and beverages offered and how many passengers are on the plane. They are also in charge of checking that enough food, drinks, magazines and emergency equipment is aboard. Flight attendants are also there to help calm nervous passengers or soothe scared passengers during turbulence or bad weather.

Flight Attendant Salary:

The average flight attendant salary is currently about $38,000 per year. The amount that a flight attendant makes will depend on the amount of experience you have, the type of place you work and even the city and state that you are working out of. Like most jobs, experience is one of the most common factors when it comes to the amount of the flight attendant salary. The starting flight attendant wage is $24,000 per year. The amount that you make will increase with the more experience that you gain. By the time a flight attendant has five years of experience, the flight attendant income will be around $32,000 per year. With ten years of experience the flight attendant salary is on average about $38,000 a year. Fifteen years of experience will net you an income of $48,000 a year. The top level of pay can be attained once you have twenty years of experience. At this level the salary level is about $62,000 a year.

Flight Attendant Education:

If you have decided that the career of a flight attendant is the career for you, you will need to receive the proper training that is needed to complete the job. The majority of all flight attendants will attend a flight attendant program given by their employer. Although more and more employers are requiring a college degree. There are many colleges that now offer flight attendant degrees or degrees in tourism. Courses of study will include water survival, firefighting, airport emergency training, dangerous goods, control tower processes, first aid, evacuation procedures, safety and security procedures for boarding and exiting the plane, FAR rules and regulations and on board training that will include service standards, problem passengers and basic cabin activities. Training is hands on and will be one hundred percent interactive. Once hired a flight attendant will be trained by their employer for an additional three to six weeks. Training is required as part of the FAA certification. Once training is complete, a proficiency check must be passed.

Flight Attendant Work Environment:

The work environment for a flight attendant is typically aboard a moving plane. They will often work in a team environment. As a flight attendant you will be working closely with customers and other team members so you will need to have good communication skills and able to make decisions in a fast paced environment. They will also need to be able to handle very loud sounds and unstable environments such as turbulence and storms. They will also need to perform physical activities such as climbing, reaching and lifting customers and their baggage. Some flight attendants will need to know foreign languages if they plan on working on international flights. There is also a lot of stress to be dealt with since you will have many people’s lives in your hands. Flight attendants will need to be very flexible in their work ethic and have a very strong sense of leadership. They will need to be dependable and cooperate with the whole team. The work schedule for a flight attendant can vary but it is normally a full time schedule. This will most often include working twelve to fourteen hours a day.

Working as a flight attendant can be a fun and lucrative career. It provides a job in which you will get to travel to many different cities and experience different kinds of people. The job of a flight attendant can be very long and extensive. Most flight attendant will spend seventy five hours in the air and fifty hours of on ground time on the clock each month. Jobs are also based on seniority so, employment is very competitive. Many flight attendants will start out on small or regional flights. All in all it is a great job to have.

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