Forensic anthropology is a scientific discipline that mainly applies the methods of archaeology and physical anthropology to the collection and the analysis of the gathered legal evidence. The description and the identification of the skeletonized human remains are part of the standard work of any forensic anthropologists; however, their expertise may also be applied to other sorts of forensic problems.

Job Description:

Because of the many responsibilities associated with being a forensic anthropologist, a candidate for the said position must study physical anthropology, paying close attention to skeletal biology, have training in archaeology to assist the staff searching for and excavating skeletal materials. A forensic anthropologist is also responsible for examining a body that is badly burned or completely decomposed. A forensic anthropologist is also in charge of identifying whether the bones are human bones, and if they are, to fully develop the biological profile of the human bones, which will help in identifying the person. A biological profile is composed of the person's sex, ancestry, age when he died, stature, and the trauma sustained by the skeleton that may help in identifying the individual, or giving indications of the manner or cause of death.

Educational Requirement:

Any candidate for the forensic anthropologist position has to go to the university and have a major in physical anthropology, which is one of the four main sub-disciplines of anthropology. Archaeology, cultural anthropology, and linguistics are the other three. Physical anthropology covers topics such as evolution, skeletal biology, and primatology, to name a few.

After completing a bachelor's degree in physical anthropology, it is necessary to continue your education and complete a minimum of master's degree also in physical anthropology. Nevertheless, it is also possible to study the more specific aspects of anthropology, like skeletal biology.

Forensic Anthropologist Salaries:

Depending on the position, the company, and the experience, the annual salary of a forensic anthropologist range from $54,685 to $76,150. Depending on the law enforcement agency they are working at, forensic anthropologists are also offered with higher benefits and insurance coverage making it a really lucrative career.

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