There are many fields and paths of nursing that are available to those who are interested in this type of work. Nursing can be rewarding and challenging, and there are more and more jobs opening up in a variety of fields. Forensic nursing is a new field and has become popular among many who have a passion to help others who are in trouble and are in need. This can include anything from battered women to even those who have been sexually assaulted.

Forensic nurses provide care to victims of physical, mental, emotional, and psychological trauma. This can be either trauma or verbal abuse. These types of nurses additionally have extended training in the legal system as well as how to collect evidence. They provide testimonies in court if needed and can provide consultation to authorities. There educational degree goes past a Master's degree, and this is one of the things you will need in order to work in forensics among other courses or classes.

What Does a Forensic Nurse Do?

One of the primary tasks of a forensics nurse is providing compassionate care to victims who have been hurt and abused, or who have been victims of violence as well as sexual assault. They obtain certain skills in identifying injuries as well as the scope of them, taking notes about the incident that took place, collecting evidence and storing it properly, and also providing their expert testimony in a court case if needed.

Types of Forensic Nurses

The most common type of forensic nursing field is going to be caring for victims who have been sexually abused and assaulted. If you are working outside if the US, there are fields of forensic nursing that deal with patients that are in psychiatric wards or institutions. There are however other fields of forensics to work in including child abuse or neglect, domestic violence, elder mistreatment, mental health, death investigation, and public health.

What's the Importance of Forensic Nursing?

When a person is abused or has been a victim of violence, they are going to need specialized care from someone who can treat them properly and can determine what is wrong. This could be sexual, neglect, or any other type of interpersonal violence. These types of nurses are additionally a valuable resource for preventing violence. They help gather evidence to testify in court to help apprehend perpetrators who have committed the crimes. This helps keep the bad guys off the streets.

What's the Salary a Forensic Nurse Can Expect to Make?

On average, a forensic nurse makes anywhere from $26 - $100 an hour. This puts an annual salary at anywhere from $50,000 and up. The salary can vary based on certain factors and the geographic area you are located in.

By training to become a nurse in forensics, you are training to help victims of sexual assault and more. This field is hot and rapidly growing, and can help you fulfill your passion to help others who are in need.

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