Forensic scientists work in laboratories, morgues, police departments, hospitals or universities. Contrary to popular belief, only a few work on crime scenes. These professionals have a great detail of work with a wide variety of applications. Some of these Scientists work in the field of dactyloscopy, which is the study of fingerprints. These scientists are responsible for collecting and identifying fingerprints from crime scenes. Forensic Scientists also work with DNA testing and identification. By finding evidence on the scene such as pieces of hair or fingernails, they are able to successfully trace people who are connected to a crime. Also on the physical aspect, they may specialize in Odontology and Optometry, the studies of teeth and vision respectively.

Odontology preceded the study of identifying saliva. In fact, one postal worker's bite was matched to the bite of a murder victim in the past. He was then sentenced to death. After the sentence had been carried out, years later when the study of matching saliva was introduced, it was discovered that the saliva on that bite did not match the postal worker's. For this reason, the field of Forensic Science is continually being improved and growing. Forensic Scientists do not work only with matters relating to anatomy and physiology of humans. Forensic Scientists are also responsible for investigation into electronic matters. Digital Forensic Scientists work to obtain and recover important messages and documents through electronic media.

Places of Employment

Forensic scientists are hired by state and local governments. These professionals are usually considered as the managers of the criminal laboratories they are employed at. Apart from that, they are hired as trainers for new forensic analysts. Also, the forensic scientists can also open their independent consulting business to help investing authorities in different ways.

Becoming a Forensic Scientist

Bachelor's degree programs in forensic science are offered by a number of reputed universities for individuals interested in this career profile. Apart from that, bachelors in chemistry and biology also have the adequate qualification to prepare their career as a forensic expert. Master's and doctoral degrees are also available for those interested in higher positions in the field. Specialized training is provided to the individuals in order to make them capable of performing all assigned duties.

Career Profile

Forensic scientists are required to have the capability to work in the laboratory set-up and at unpleasant crime sites even during odd hours. Good communication skills and advancement in qualification can help these professionals to grow. Salaries may vary between $30,000 and $70,000 annually on the basis of position and organization.

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