Information Technology is one of the most in-demand career paths right now. Just about everything that you do uses a computer or some type of computer system. This is why the careers in this field are so hot. Computers are clearly the way of the future. If you are interested in a career within the information technology sector, there are many jobs to choose from.

A computer and information systems manager is a computer professional that analyzes the computer needs for the company that they work for. This includes any upgrades that may be needed to the systems that are already in place. A computer and information systems manager also installs and upgrades all computer systems. They are also in charge of the security of the network and the documents that are stored on the network. They check the costs and benefits of new and upgraded systems and present this information to the company heads. They oversee all of the personnel in their department and oversee the hiring of all new personnel. They may work in a group with other IT professionals such as analysts, software developers and more. They oversee all office computer usage including internet and network usage. It is the main job of a systems manager to decide what types of machines are needed and to ensure that they are safe and in good working order.

Information Technology Salary:

The current average information technology salary is around $69,000 per year. This amount will greatly depend on your job functions and the type of facility that you work in. Certain areas of the United States will also pay a higher than average salary. The top states that have a higher than average information technology wage are Delaware, Virginia, New Jersey, California and New York.  In Delaware, you can expect an information technology salary of about $77,000 a year. The information technology income in the state of Virginia is $79,000 a year. The salary in New Jersey is also higher than the national average. The information technology wage in this state is $79,000. In California, the average wage is $77,000 a year. New York state offers the highest average salary. In New York, you can expect an information technology salary of $83,000 a year.

Information Technology Education:

Since the job of a computer and information systems manager is highly technical it will take several years of college and experience before you can expect to get a job in this field. Most employers require applicants have a bachelor’s or master’s degree. This will take at least four to six years to complete. The amount of time to complete will vary depending on the course you choose. Additionally, some schools may allow you to test out of certain classes if you have previous knowledge of the course. Courses of study will include database management, object oriented programming, digital transformation, IT statistics, principles of finance and accounting, professional speaking, and organization and design. These courses will include extensive in classroom work in addition to several projects that must be completed for classroom credit. Some of these courses also offer internships upon graduation. Internships can last from three to sixteen months. Many managers will also need five to ten years of experience in the field before they will be able to land a managing position in one of the top companies. Some smaller companies may only require one to two years of experience.

Information Technology Work Environment:

Working in the information technology field you will often have a very nice environment in which to work in. You will often be working in an office complex. You may either work in a room at a workstation with several other IT professionals or you may have your own office and work space. The majority of systems managers work in computer and systems design firms although they often work in financial districts and management and manufacturing firms. The schedule of a computer and information systems manager can vary. Normally they will work on a forty hour work week schedule. However, if there are problems that arrive or they are installing new systems and software these hours can extend into overtime. They can often be working as much as seventy hours a week at times.

There are many great reasons to join the exciting field of information technology. Not only does it offer many different choices for a career, but it also offers great benefits such as retirement and insurance options. It also is a career field that is constantly expanding. Currently, there are more than 300,000 information technology professionals employed as computer and information systems managers. In the next couple of years there is going to be more than 55,000 jobs added to the market. So, as you can see the market is expanding at a rapid rate and offers a great level of job security.

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