A medical laboratory technician performs tests and lab procedures that are not as complicated as a Medical Technologist. They are supervised by the technologist or laboratory manager and can collect and prepare specimens, do manual testing and analyzing of bodily fluids and tissues and operate analyzing equipment. To make the best medical laboratory technician salary, the person must have good diagnostic judgment and be able to work well under pressure. They should be good at detail work that is extremely important to a diagnosis. Also, it helps to have good manual dexterity and color vision along with computer skills.

That average medical laboratory technician income is $40,000 a year. There may be a large variation in the medical laboratory technician salary due to a number of factors, such as competition, dense population areas and the health care facility.
A person who wants to become a medical lab technician must either have an Associate Degree in the field, or the equivalent from an accredited program at a hospital or vocation or technical school, or the Armed Services. Few technicians actually learn their skills by working on the job.

If attending a program, the program must be two years or sixty semester hours, with at least twenty-five semester hours of courses in chemical science or biological science, mathematics or computer science. However, the twenty-five hours should include not more than six hours of the mathematics or computer science. A minimum of six months of laboratory experience must be completed.

Military personnel need to complete a fifty-week medical laboratory training program in the United States Military, as long as the credits were earned in or accepted by an accredited college.

If a person takes and passes a medical laboratory technician exam offered by a certification organization or a state license certification exam that is approved by the Board of Directors of the American Medical Technologists (AMT), no further exam is necessary. However, they must meet the education eligibility and training requirements and be currently employed or have been working as a medical laboratory technician for three of the past five years.

A medical laboratory technician may be required to be licensed in some states through the particular state's department of health or occupational licensing department.
The medical laboratory technician salary of the top ten percent of techs in the field is about $60,000 a year. In order to make a higher medical laboratory technician salary, the person can advance in the field by getting more education and experience. They may then be placed in a supervisory position or become technologists, or manage hospital laboratories. Some companies hire technologists for work in marketing or in developing new products and laboratory equipment.

The medical laboratory technician wage is usually higher in a hospital job than it is in a doctor's office or medical and diagnostic laboratories. Fortunately, most of the available jobs are in hospitals. The outlook for employment for medical laboratory technicians is excellent as the population increases and new types of tests are developed.
Diagnosing and preventing disease is vital to peoples' well -being, and the job of medical laboratory technician is vital to that well-being.

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