LVNs are professionals who will work under the watchful eye of physicians and RNs and their duties vary a lot, ranging from helping patients with dressing, bathing them, providing them the medicine they need, walking them, talking to them to helping with changing injection fluids and the likes. Generally licensed vocational nurses will work in various medical fields and provide care for injured, convalescent, disabled and sick patients.

Licensed vocational nurses are also known as licensed practical nurses (more commonly known this way outside Texas). They will work under the supervisions of physicians and RNs, yet when it comes to the type of supervision required, it will vary by state. For instance, for those who are living and working in Texas, on site supervision is not required, yet licensed vocational nurses will have to have access to supervisors by phone or other means of communications which have been stipulated in the state regulations. LVNs work in a plethora of environments, numbering outpatient care centers, clinics, hospitals and so on. Usually they will work while being carefully supervised by RNs, who have the duty of designing and implementing nursing plans. In places, they will have the nursing assistants supervised. In terms of LVN salary, the licensed vocational nurses are placed between the 2 other occupations. LVNs actually play a very important role in the emotional support and healthcare of patients and also their families. A licensed vocational nurse is a basic nurse who has received a special training, tested and also licensed. In every state, except California and Texas, this type of nurse is also known as a LPN. So whether people are called a LVN or LPN, they have the same duties.

In terms of pay, the LVN salary will fluctuate depending on the location she is working in, the amount of experience and of course, employer. According to salary information from various authority online sources, a LVN who has under 1 year of experience will earn between $25,288 and $40,738 per annum. Licensed vocational nurses with more than two decades of experience will earn between $33,228 and $49,876 per annum. These rates were valid in 2010. The lowest 10% of such professionals managed to earn $28,789 per annum, according to statistics from May of 2009. This rate actually is very close to the rate other online authority websites mentioned of 14 dollars and 46 cents. Comparing the low end of the salary scale suggests that the $28,789 in annual LVN salary is not actually the norm. According to info released by the BLS, the majority of licensed vocational nurses managed to earn in May 2009 between $33,901 and $47,658 per annum. This means that the average annual LVN salary was around $41,239. When it comes to the highest paid LVN income, it was way larger than the national average, going up to $55,100 per annum, according to estimates made by the BLS.

A LVN income is certainly great and those who have a lot of experience in this field will certainly be very much satisfied with the pay. The working conditions are also very good and the best part is the training period which is just of one year.

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