A male nurse is a trained medical professional that works with injuredand ill patients and provides top notch medical care for these patients. They provide a variety of medical services and typically work in a team environment.

Male nurses are registered nurses that work closely with patients and other medical staff. They have various job duties. They monitor a patient and record their symptoms or changes in their symptoms and condition. They record vital signs and other information in their chart. It is their job to maintain accurate and detailed records and reports on each patient. They may order and read diagnostic tests. They may modify the patient’s treatment plan depending on their current condition. They often will direct and supervise other staff such as LVNs and LPNs. They consult with the medical team to plan and implement a treatment plan. Male nurses monitor all aspects of a patients care including diet, exercise and medications. They provide health education to patients and their families for disease prevention, childbirth and more. They may prepare patients for exams and assist the physician with exams and other types of treatments.

Male Nurse Salary:

The average male nurse salary in the United States is currently about $69,000 per year. This number will depend on how much experience you have, the type of place you work in, the type of patients you see and even the location in the United States that you work in. Location is very important when it comes to the amount of the male nurse income. Some states have a higher rate of living and may pay more than others. Some states also have a greater need for well trained male nurses. The following states offer the highest male nurse salary: Nevada, Alaska, Hawaii, Massachusetts and California. Nevada has an average male nurse wage of $78,000 per year. Alaska has a male nurse pay rate of $82,000 per year. In Hawaii the average salary for male nurses is $84,000 per year. Massachusetts is a state with an average male nurse salary of $87,000 per year. The top paid male nurses reside in California. In California the average male nurse income is $91,000 per year. This is more than $22,000 above the national average. Additionally California is also one of the top employers of male nurses with more than 250,000 jobs.

Male Nurse Education:

In order to become a male nurse, you will need to attend an accredited college and get your nursing degree. This process generally takes from two to four years depending on if you get an associate degree or if you get a bachelor’s degree. Programs will involve both classroom work in addition to on site clinical rotations. Courses of study will include anatomy, physiology, speech communication, sociology, anthropology, microbiology, basic nursing, management and leadership, clinical nursing, concepts of clinical nursing, math, science, English and more. Clinicals are required as a part of the degree and will involve working with other real registered nurses and with real patients. Upon graduation you must become licensed before you can become employed. To become licensed you will need to take and pass the NCLEX-RN exam. Depending on your state other exams or requirements may need to be met so check with your state for all of the requirements. Additional certification is also available for specialties. These may include geriatric, pediatric, gynecology, surgery, ambulatory care and more. Certification is not required but will look excellent on your resume and may even increase your male nurse salary.

Male Nurse Work Environment:

The work environment for a male nurse is typically in a medical setting such as a hospital, clinic, medical center, nursing home or other type of medical facility. The environment is well lit, temperature controlled and well maintained. Male nurses may work as part of a larger medical team and will need to have good team work skills. Some travel may be required for home health care nurses. Nearly all of the work is done while standing and some heavy lifting and bending may be required when moving and positioning patients. Nurses must follow strict guidelines to remain safe since they work with infectious disease and other harmful and dangerous drugs and chemicals. Male nurses typically work rotating shifts and some may need to be on call twenty four hours a day. The work schedule is typically full time and may require overtime.

The work of a male nurse is very important. They provide care for patients when they need it the most. It is also a career that has great growth potential. There is an expected twenty six percent increase expected in the job market. This means that there will be an additional 712,000 new jobs added by the year 2020. The time is right for male nurses. If you are interested in this career get started right now.

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