A bachelor's degree in management information systems (MIS) prepares students for a career as a computer or information systems manager. Computer and information systems managers oversee the planning, installation and maintenance of the computer and information networks that modern businesses depend on. They also supervise and direct other workers in IT departments. This job typically requires several years of IT experience in addition to a degree related to MIS.

National Average Pay and Pay Range:

As of 2012, computer and information system managers reported high earnings to the Bureau of Labor Statistics: an average wage of $62.08 per hour or $129,130 annually. Half of all computer and information systems managers working in the United States earned between $94,740 and $152,380 per year, and 90 percent made $74,940 or more. The highest-paid 10 percent of these professionals earned $187,199 or more per year.

Geographical Pay Scale:

While computer and information system managers reported high average salaries throughout the nation in 2012, pay varied somewhat by state. New York was the highest-paying state for this occupation, with an average salary of $149,050. California ranked second, at $148,980 per year. Other states with high average salaries of $140,000 or more per year included New Jersey, Delaware and Virginia. States with low average salaries of below $90,000 included West Virginia, North Dakota, Wyoming and Louisiana, with Mississippi reporting the lowest average salary of $81,490.

Salary by Industry:

A variety of industries employ computer and information systems managers. As of 2012, those working for security and commodity exchanges earned the most, an average of $169,130 per year. Other high pay industries for this occupation included support activities for mining at $161,890 and the motion picture industry at $159,690. Computer systems design companies employed more computer systems managers than any other industry in 2012, and paid an average salary of $137,390. Other industries that employed a large number of computer and information system managers included software publishers, which paid an average of $144,580 per year, and insurance carriers, which paid an average of $127,390.

Job Outlook:

In the modern economy, it is crucial that companies keep up with advances in computer technology. This is important both so that they do not lose customers to more techno-savvy competitors, and so that they can keep their information secure. Accordingly, the Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that jobs for computer and information systems managers will grow at a rate of 18 percent through 2020, leading to about 55,800 new positions in the field by 2020.

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