Mechanical engineers are professional engineers that work with all types of mechanical devices and machines. This can include working on and implementing simple machines such as tools and complex machines such as engines and other types of machines that make life easier.

The main job of a mechanical engineer is to read and understand blueprints, technical drawings and schematics for machines that they plan to oversee the production of. They assist drafters in the design of products by using computer assisted design and other types of drafting equipment. Engineers will also design modifications for already existing machines and provide improvements for them. They test all of these machines and make sure that the design, operation and components are all working well and to the best of their abilities. They investigate equipment failures and diagnose the problem. They will also install these machines and ensure that all engineering principles have been met. They also test models before the machines are built to test the feasibility of these machines. They monitor all aspects of production of the machines and ensure that all guidelines are being met. This will include the materials used, the methods of production and the operations of each machine.

Mechanical Engineering Salary:

The average mechanical engineer salary is currently around $78,000 per year. The amount that a mechanic engineer is offered for a job will depend on several factors such as type of education and degrees they hold, the amount of experience that they have, the type of place that they work and even the region of the United States that the engineer works in. Experience will matter a lot when it comes to the amount of the mechanical engineer wage. The starting mechanical engineer salary is about $51,000 a year. With five years of experience, the mechanical engineer income will be around $63,000 per year. Ten years of experience will net you a mechanical engineer salary of $79,000 a year. The more experience you gain working in the field, the more money you can expect to make. With fifteen years of experience the engineer wage will increase to $98,000. The top mechanical engineer salary will be around $119,000 per year after twenty years of experience.

Mechanical Engineer Education:

In order to become a mechanical engineer, you will need to go to college and obtain a bachelor’s degree. Several degrees are available but many mechanical engineers will major in mechanical engineering technology. The course that you choose must be an accredited program by ABET. This process will take about four years to complete. Courses of study will include several types of math including calculus and physics, fluid dynamics, environmental sciences, robotics, manufacturing processes, heat transfer, engineering design and several core courses. Training and education will include classroom work in addition to labs and some projects due for class credit. After graduation, you may decide to become certified. There are two tests that are required for certification. The first exam covers the fundamentals and the second test covers principles and practices of engineering.

Mechanical Engineer Work Environment:

The work environment for a mechanical engineer can encompass several different types of environments. This can include working in labs, manufacturing plants, engineering services and even research and development. They generally work in an office setting and may travel to different locations for testing and implementation of a design. Some travel may be required when visiting manufacturing sites. Mechanical engineers will work with a variety of tools. These can include laser scanners, flow meters, machine mounts, semiconductor systems and signal generators. They also work with many types of computer programs and will work extensively on the computer as a part of this job. Engineers also need to be well versed in math, computers and production and processing of raw materials. They also need a high level of mechanical abilities and a good command of the English language. Problem solving skills and good decision making skills are also needed. The average work schedule for a mechanical engineer is full time and will require more than sixty hours a week on average. This can involve lots of overtime and night hours. Some weekend hours may also be required.

There are many skills that are needed if you want to become a mechanical engineer. This will include very good reading comprehension, a good command of math, science and manufacturing. This may be the perfect job for you if you love computers and like to solve problems. You will also need a very sharp mind. You will have to be able to understand complex problems and how to solve them. It is also a career that has a great outlook for the future. Currently, there are more than 240,000 professionals employed as mechanical engineers. By the year 2020, there will be an additional 21,000 jobs added to the market for mechanical engineers.

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