If you are looking for an opportunity to help people in a fast-paced kind of work environment, then you might find the job of an emergency medical technician fit for you. Generally, emergency medical technicians are in demand in bigger and populated cities and towns. On the other hand, rural places get volunteer medical technicians and firemen. Medical technicians who work in the emergency room work hand in hand with firemen and police. The job of the emergency medical technician starts at going to the medical scene after the 911 call was made. Medical technicians are medically trained personnel that can treat many different medical conditions. Part of their duty is to assess the patient's condition, the cause and extent of the injuries, give first aid and transport the patient to the hospital in an ambulance.

In the emergency room, the med techs work closely with the physician. They have to follow the instructions given by the physician carefully and relay the assessment results from the monitor. Assisting in a medical flight is also part of their job where a patient with serious injuries or illness needs to be transported to a trauma center. They are also tasked to stock and clean the ambulance after the transport.

A candidate will have to go through a training to become qualified. The first step will be to obtain a high school diploma. The training provided differs from one state to another. They have different type and length of trainings given to candidates. The training may be anywhere from 30 hours to 300 hours depending on the regulations imposed by each state. The candidate is required to take and pass a test after completing the training. A certification will then be issued by the state allowing the candidate to work as a medical technician. There are emergency services companies that gives a candidate a chance to work while learning provided the task given are simple and the safety of the patient is not at risk.

As soon as the training is done and the certification is awarded by the state, the candidate may now start looking for a medical technician job. There are more job opportunities in larger and populated cities. A certified medical technician may work in the city government or a private ambulance company. The city government requires an applicant to be a US citizen and go through a background check. Remember to have your proper documents and papers when you apply to avoid hassles. The documents include citizen certification such as driver's license, state certification and the list of professional and personal references.

Medical technician job is promising just as demand for health care is continuously growing. Medical jobs are just some of the very few careers that continue to surge amidst the crisis in economy because people will always seek medical help to be fit, healthy and productive for a longer and quality life. Based on the report of the report of Bureau of Labor Statistics, an average medical technician made $37,150 back in 2008 though different states offer different rates. In Rhode Island the salary given to a medical technician is $54,130. It is then important to do a research and find the state where the salary is higher.

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