If you want to be a part of the medical field, but you do not want to see patients, there are several jobs within the field for you to choose from. Most of these involve tasks such as secretarial work or lab work. However, one of the most interesting of these career choices is that of a medical billing and coding professional.

A medical billing and coder is a medical professional that codes medical records so that doctors and medical facilities can be reimbursed for the services that they have provided to the patient. The job of a medical billing and coding specialist is very important. They make sure that confidentiality is maintained at all times. They review records for completeness and give them to the doctor. Their main job entails using a computer coding system to bill and code records. This will entail the patient’s condition, prognosis, diagnosis and any procedures that have been performed. A medical coder and biller will transmit this information to the patient’s health insurance company for payment. They may prepare government documents and admission and discharge documents. They use computer programs to compile and analyze information for better future treatment of patients.

Medical Billing and Coding Salary:

As a medical biller and coder, you will be able to make a nice salary. The current medical billing and coding salary is about $36,000 per year. The amount that a medical billing and coding professional makes will depend on the type of coding that they do, the amount of experience, the type of certifications they have and more. Location is another important aspect of the medical billing and coding salary. The following states offer higher than average medical billing and coding wages: Alaska, Massachusetts, Hawaii, District of Columbia and New Jersey. The average medical billing and coding salary in Alaska is $41,000 a year. In Massachusetts, the average medical billing and coding income is $41,000 a year. Hawaii also offers a higher than average salary at $42,000 a year. The District of Columbia is another area in which you can expect a higher than average rate of pay for a medical billing and coding specialist. In DC, the average is about $45,000 a year. The top paying state for this profession is New Jersey. In New Jersey, the average is about $52,000 a year. These amounts are just the average for each state, you may eve

Medical Billing and Coding Education:

In order to become a medical billing and coding specialist you will need to get your certification. There are several types of certifications that are offered. The type that you choose will determine the type of coding that you can do. Your first step in this process is to attend an accredited school that offers a certification program. There are three to choose from: CPC, CPC-H and CPC-P. CPC is a certified professional coder. This certification requires two years of work experience in a medical setting. You will be tested on CPC codes and ICD-9 codes used in filing insurance claims. The CPC-H certification is a certified professional coder-hospital. This includes ICD9 codes and CPT codes that are used in a hospital setting. It also requires that you have two years of coding in a hospital setting. The CPC-P or certified professional coder-payer will need two years of experience in a payer setting. You will need to know coding in ICD9, HCPCS, and CPT codes. Generally all employers are looking for medical billers and coders that have certifications but some places will train you with no experience.

Medical Billing and Coding Work Environment:

The work environment for a medical coder and biller will be typical of a medical facility. It will be well lit and temperature controlled. Typically, medical coders and billers work in a hospital or medical office. They may work in the medical records department of the hospital. Billers and coders will typically work at their own desk and will spend several hours of their work day working on a computer and sitting for many hours. Coders and billers will typically work a normal forty hours a week. Some do work part time, however. Since many work in hospitals and large medical facilities, there may be overnight or weekend hours required as a part of their normal schedule. Computer skills must be highly honed. They will need to access databases, update software and scan information in the computer. They will need to use medical billing software, word processing software and classification software. Calculators, bar code readers and microfiche machines are also used as a part of the medical billing and coding specialists job description.

As you can see, the job of a medical billing and coding specialist is varied. It is also a job in which you will have a very good job outlook for the future. Currently, there are more than 180,000 people employed as medical billers and coders. There is also a twenty one percent expansion in the job market expected by 2020. This means that there will be an additional 38,000 jobs added to the market. Now is the best time to become a part of this exciting career.

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