There are many different jobs that can be done within the medical field. One such job is that of a medical scribe. A medical scribe is similar to a medical transcriptionist and a medical assistant rolled into one. You will be working side by side with a physician.

As a medical scribe, your main job will be to follow the doctor side by side and work with him to document all the procedures and interactions that the doctor has with the patient. In essence, they are a personal assistant to the doctor. The number one job of a medical scribe is to transcribe all that is happening into the medical records using a WOW or workstation on wheels system. This is wheeled around with the scribe so that they can document everything accurately into the medical records of the patient. This makes the medical records more accurate and allows the doctor to provide a higher level of care and attention to the patient. A scribe may also assist the doctor by ordering labs and other types of studies as ordered by the doctor. They will also notify the doctor when studies and labs are complete. They also provide discharge and admit orders for the patient.

Medical Scribe Salary:

The average medical scribe salary is about $12 an hour or $33,000 a year. This will depend on several factors such as the type of facility that you work in, the area that you work and even the amount of experience you have in a job. The starting medical scribe salary is around $22,000 an hour or about $10 an hour. The amount that you make will increase with the level of your work and also the more experience that you have. Highly trained and educated medical scribes can make as much as $46,300 a year. This is the same as an hourly medical scribe salary of $13 an hour. The medical scribe wage can also vary depending on the area of the United States that you live in. The best states to work out of that offer the highest medical scribe income are Texas, California and Florida.

Medical Scribe Education:

The education required to be a medical scribe varies greatly. Many employers will hire applicants with no experience or education and train them on site. Most scribes are medical students or have attended online courses for medical scribes. These online courses will include training and education in areas such as medical transcription, case management, coding, anatomy, medical terms, disease processes and more. Scribes will also need good communication and written skills. Computer courses and data management courses are also a part of the training and education. Scribes are also pre-screened before they are approved for employment. There are many guidelines that are needed to be followed and these are taught during shadowing at a real medical facility which is similar to clinical rotations. There is a training phase that must be passed before your education and training is complete. There will also be courses in HIPAA and medical chart compliance. The education that is required will depend upon the type of medicine you are working under such as emergency, gerontology and much more.

Medical Scribe Working Environment:

The environment of a medical scribe will depend upon the type of doctor or facility that you work in. The environment is typically well lit in a nice environment that is highly comfortable. It is important that a scribe has good communication and written skills. They also will need to speak to several types of medical professionals and work well as part of a team. There may be lots of time spent on their feet and walking from room to room shadowing doctors. The majority of medical scribes work in hospitals and in doctor’s offices but they can also work in outpatient care centers and labs. Work schedules are typical of that of a doctor since you will be with the doctor for their whole shift. This can be from eight to twelve hours a day. Some medical scribes do work part time hours. Typically this will be from forty to sixty hours per week depending on the doctor that you work for.

A medical scribe is a medical professional that offers services to help a doctor to provide a higher level of care by taking care all of the paperwork that they would normally have to do on their own. This is also a great career choice for medical school students as it lets you see what all is involved in being a doctor. Some schools for medical scribes will also even help in the payment of tuition of medical school. You will work very closely with a doctor and will need to have a good working relationship with the doctor. This can involve doing other tasks such as personal assistant activities for the doctor you work with.

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