A medical administrative assistant is one of the fastest growing careers in the United States. This is a job in which you can work closely with patients without going for many years to medical school. It is also a nice way to make a good living. This career will allow you to work closely with patients while under a doctor’s supervision.

The job of a medical administrative assistant involves several different types of tasks. These tasks are all closely supervised by a medical physician. The tasks that you perform will depend on exactly what the physician needs you to do. Common tasks include filing out insurance forms, updating medical records, talking to the patient to make sure all information in the file is correct, buying office supplies, answering phones and providing information on procedures that are to be performed. You may also perform duties such as taking payments and ensuring that all previous balances have been paid to date.

Medical Administrative Assistant Salary:

The medical administrative assistant salary is a very nice benefit as a part of this career. The current average medical administrative wage is currently around $30,000 per year or about $14 hourly. However, the amount you make will greatly depend on the amount of experience that you have, the kind of education you have completed and even the region of the United States that you live in. As a newly graduated medical admin assistant you can expect a medical administrative assistant salary of around $20,000 per year. The more experience you gain the higher your medical admin assistant salary you can expect. By five years of experience, your medical admin assistant wage will be around $24,000. By ten years of experience you can expect a medical admin salary of around $29,000. Fifteen years of experience will net you about $35,000 a year. At the top level with more than twenty years of experience you will be able to make a salary of about $40,000.

Medical Administrative Assistant Education:

If you have decided that becoming a medical administrative assistant is the career path that you want to take, it is best to attend college. Although, there are no actual formal education requirements that you must meet, most employers are looking for people who have a college degree. Some employers may train you, but most are looking for college trained applicants. The programs to choose from if you opt for a formal education are either a one year certificate or a two year associate’s degree. These programs both include in class course work and on site clinical rotations in which you will be able to put everything that you have learned to use. You will also get a chance to work with real patients under the supervision of other real medical assistants. Upon graduation you may opt to become certified. This is not required in any of the fifty states but does look great to potential employers.

Medical Administrative Assistant Work Environment:

The work environment for a medical administrative assistant will greatly depend on the type of doctor that you work for and the types of tasks that they ask you to perform as a part of your every day job. The average medical admin assistant will work in a normal medical office at the front desk. The work hours for this career are typically on a forty hour work week. Although there may be some after duty hours and weekends that may be required depending on the hours of the doctor or clinic that you work for. More than half of all medical admin assistants will work in a doctor’s office, hospital or clinic. The work environment is typically well lit. The work environment is comfortable and provides a great place to make your living. You will need to have a good attitude, great communication skills and pay special attention to details.

The great thing about being a medical administrative assistant is that you will have a great career that is very rewarding and lucrative. There are many other great things about being a part of this great career. One of the best things about it is the level of job security that it provides. The medical field is one of the best career fields to get into because of the great job security that it provides. The career of a medical administrative assistant is no different. Currently, there are more than 500,000 people employed as medical assistants. The career is set to be expanding at an alarming rate of thirty one percent by the year 2018. This means that there will be an additional 160,000 created for new medical assistants. This makes deciding to take the steps to become a medical admin assistant and start your career now one of the best moves that you could possibly make. This is a job in which you never have to worry about being phased out.

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