A certified medical technician is a critical component in the field of medical health care. With the expansion of medicine throughout the world, the demand for medical technicians have also increased opening up a large number of job opportunities for many people. The area of medical technology is in need of a lot of manpower making this career one of the most sought after professions.

This is the most common type known. They are responsible for analyzing specimens such as urine and stool samples. They are essential components in formulating a proper diagnosis for the patient's illness. They often work inside a laboratory. This type requires the person to be detailed-oriented and keen-eyed. They have to be able to distinguish small differences in their specimens and identify the abnormalities present. They run tests and keep records of their results. To become a clinical laboratory technician, it is a requirement to finish a Bachelor's Degree in Medical Technology or Laboratory Sciences.Surgical Technicians – They are responsible in preparing an operating room and assisting surgeons and nurses during the procedure. They handle instruments, dispose wastes and deliver specimens to the laboratories for further analysis.Radiological or X-Ray Technicians – This position requires knowledge of the human body. An associate's degree or certification is a prerequisite to qualify for this job. They conduct X-rays, CT scans and MRI scans.Ultrasound Technicians – They get to use imaging devices to monitor the inside of the body. An example of their work is to monitor fetal development inside the womb.Pharmacy Technicians – Their job includes preparing and dispensing pharmacological drugs. They are somehow similar to pharmacists as they assist in reading prescriptions and answering patient's questions about particular prescriptions and drugs.Emergency Medical Technicians – EMTs are very important components of emergency medical care. They are the first people who respond in emergency situations to provide immediate medical attention and primary health care for the people involved. They are usually on the go and are required to have additional training on first aid and rescue missions.Medical Records or Information Technicians – They keep records of patients. They make sure that patient charts are completely filled out. They also check if results of tests are correctly recorded. They are also involved in filing insurance claims.

A person is required to complete a bachelor's degree in Medical Technology or Laboratory Sciences to become a medical technician. This usually takes four years to accomplish. Some institutions require only an associate's degree which usually takes two years to finish. The course revolves around different sciences such as organic and inorganic chemistry, biochemistry, biology, microbiology, parasitology, physiology and other related subjects. This course is commonly offered in local community colleges, universities and other specialty schools. Some schools are accredited for a medical technology program while some schools are not. Be sure to take this into consideration when choosing a school.

Before becoming a full-fledged medical technician, some states require people to take certification exams or license exams upon fulfillment of the 2-year or 4-year medical technology course. The salary depends on the type work required, the location, A typical medical technician can earn a salary of up to$59,000. The average salary range is usually from $25,000 to $45,000 in a year. The hourly salary rate of radiologic technicians is $16.87 to $36.04. Ultrasound technicians earn $20.96 to $40.36 an hour. An emergency medical technician has an hourly salary rate of $9.08 to $23.77.

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