The MRI technician salary is good compared to other state and it seems that those who will choose to work here will get a pay that ranges between 34,000 dollars per annum and 83,000 dollars per annum. In 2010 a survey that was conducted by some online authority salary websites revealed that the pay for those professionals living in South Carolina was of 61,000 dollars per annum on average. The fact is that those who are new in this field can definitely expect to have a lower pay, somewhere around 34,000 dollars per annum if living in Columbia, 46,000 for those living gin Rock Hill and 40,000 for those who live in Charleston.

MRI stands for magnetic resonance imaging and professionals use these special devices in order to see inside the patient's body. This way they will be able to know whether their patient's organs are functioning correctly or whether there are any diseases affecting them.

In terms of initial pay, these professionals are paid between 17 dollars and 21 dollars per hour or around 35,000 or 43,000 dollars per annum. If the professional shave between five to nine year of experience behind them, they can make between 18 dollars and 50 cents an hour and 24 dollars and 50 cents an hour, translating to salaries of 38,000 dollars and 51,000 dollars per annum.

According to data that was supplied by the BLS, in 2008 the MRI technician salary per hour was of 25 dollar and 60 cents or 53,000 dollars per annum. The bottom ten percent of radiology technologists were earning below 35,000 dollars per annum, while the top ten percent were able to bring home around 75,000 dollars per annum. The middle fifty percent of these professionals managed to earn between 43,000 dollars per annum and 63,000 dollars per annum.

The majority of these professionals work in surgical and general medical hospitals, earning an annual salary of around 54,000 dollars. At colleges and specialty hospitals though it seems that the MRI technician income is higher, paying them 57,000 dollars per annum. If they want these professionals can work in scientific research and development, thus being able to earn around 64,000 dollars per annum. Even if they will choose to work in physicians' offices and outpatient care centers they will still be able to make 51,000 and 50,000 dollars per annum.

For those who would like to special, they will certainly be able to earn a higher salary. The ASRT Wage and Salary survey conducted in 2007 shows that the average yearly salary for those who chose to specialize in mammography was around 56,000 dollars. But if professionals wanted to specialize in nuclear medicine, they would make 69,000 dollars per annum. It seems that those who have a bachelor's degree would earn around 3 dollars and 40 cents more than those who have associate degrees.

Last but not least, the MRI technician salary is influenced by the location in which professionals choose to work in. For instance, in the metropolitan areas in California, people were earning between 71,000 and 77,000 dollars per annum in 2008.

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