If you want to become a nurse, there are many different types of nurses to choose from. One of the highest paid of all the advanced practice nurses is the nurse anesthetist. A nurse anesthetist is a nurse that provides medical care before, during and after a patient has been given anesthesia.

A nurse anesthetist has many different duties that they will have to perform as a part of their job. They assess the patients history and update it with any new information. They develop an anesthesia plan for their patients. This involves measuring and mixing anesthesia amounts. This is then administered to the patient by IV, local or spinal injections. After the patient has been given anesthesia it is the nurse anesthetist job to monitor the patients vital signs. They advise the anesthesiologist of any emergency situations that may arise during the procedures that are being done. They may respond to emergency situations by providing emergency fluids or drugs, airway opening and cardiac life support as needed. They attend to the patient until the patient has awoken in the recovery room. They will also provide updates to the family regarding the patients condition and prognosis.

Nurse Anesthetist Salary:

Currently, the nurse anesthetist salary is about $160,000 nationally. The amount that a CRNA makes will depend on the type of facility they work in, the education and experience that they have and even the area in which they work. The top places that offer the highest nurse anesthetist salary are Texas, Ohio and California. All of these states offer a pay rate for nurse anesthetists of more than $175,000 a year. Experience will also play a large role in the nurse anesthetist wage. As a new graduate, you can expect a nurse anesthetist salary of around $100,000 a year. The more you work in the field, the more your pay rate will increase. After five years of experience, the pay rate will increase to about $150,000 per year. After ten years of experience, the CRNA salary will increase to about $175,000 a year. The top tier can be reached at fifteen to twenty years of experience. A CRNA will see their salary reach the $200,000 range. The amount you make may also depend on your job experience and performance.

Nurse Anesthetist Education:

Like most medical careers, you will need to complete several years of training and education to become a CRNA. Your first step on the road to become a CRNA is to obtain your bachelor’s degree in science of nursing. This will take four years. You will need to take a test to become a registered nurse. You will need to work as a registered nurse for at least one year in an ICU setting. After this, you will need to apply to an accredited nurse anesthetist program. This program will take an additional two to three years to complete. Once you graduate, you will have a master’s degree in nursing anesthesia. Your last step on the road to becoming a CRNA is to take the certified registered nurse anesthetist exam. This involves taking a test that has 170 multiple choice questions. You have three hours to complete the test. The average passing rate is 89 percent. Once you have passed this test, you are now able to work as a CRNA and your education has been completed.

Nurse Anesthetist Work Environment:

The work environment for a nurse anesthetist is generally in a medical facility such as a hospital or large medical facility. Nurse anesthetists generally work forty hours or more per week. Many may work night time or overnight hours including weekend and holiday hours. CRNAs work in well lit, temperature controlled environments. They will spend the majority of their work schedule on their feet and standing for many hours. They will need to make snap decisions and work well in a team environment. They will need to document and monitor patients. They will need to speak and comprehend English well.

A nurse anesthetist is a great career that offers a lot of benefits to anyone who chooses it as their career. This is a career in which you make an amazing salary in addition to providing a very valuable service to your patients. It is a career that you can be proud to do in addition to a job in which you can be happy waking up to do. The nursing careers also offer a great outlook for the future. It is expected by the year 2020, that there will be an additional twenty six percent increase in the job market. This means that there will be an additional 700,000 jobs available. This is one of the reasons that becoming a CRNA can be one of the best decisions that you could possibly make for you and your family.

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