A career in the nursing profession offers the ability to advance and see significant increases in the salary with the acquired experience and responsibility. Nursing salaries vary depending on a range of factors such as those relating to education, training, experience, and location. Below are some of the main reasons to impact the salary range in the nursing profession:

Level of nursing:

Nursing includes several different levels or grades which impact the salaries offered. As a nurse progresses through the nursing levels the salaries offered see a progressive increase. An entry point for those choosing the nursing career includes the nurse assistant. By completing the required certification or licensing it is possible to progress to a higher grade. By progressing through the various levels and completing the necessary training there is the possibility of reaching the highest levels, like the registered nurse. Being able to achieve the highest pay scales will involve a significant amount of training.

Formal education:

Salaries offered in the nursing industry also relate to the level of formal education completed. Education options for entering nursing include a nursing diploma offered by certain hospitals, a two-year associates degree completed at a university or colleges, or a four-year bachelor's degree completed at a university or college. If hoping to progress to a specialized nursing field it helps to look at obtaining the master's degree.

Location of employment:

Location can have a significant impact on the nurse's salaries. Living and working in a state known for its high cost of living is likely to mean a more attractive wage is paid. For instance, a nursing job in the state of California is highly likely to offer a more favorable wage compared to someone who is living in Ohio, which has a lower cost of living. Also, a job working in a non-profit organization or large company is certain to mean a higher wage bracket compared to certain job roles in a private practice.

Specialized nursing role:

Embarking on a career in the advanced nursing roles is certain to help with attracting the jobs with more responsibility and higher wages. Advanced clinical or intensive care roles are often seen to offer the highest paid jobs in the industry. Other areas of high wages include those nursing job related to surgery or in the emergency room. Nursing roles at the lower end of the scale include those in geriatric or hospices.

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