The career of a nurse is one of the most important careers that you can choose. Without nurses, there would be many people out there that are sick and who would not live their lives to the fullest of their potentials. This is why the career of a nurse is so important.

Nurses are medical professionals that care and provide emotional support to the patients that they see. They ensure that each patient is receiving all the care and medical attention that they need. There are many job functions that a nurse performs. The first job of a nurse is to speak to the patient and gather their medical history and symptoms and record this information in their medical chart. A nurse will help to set up a treatment plan for the patient and work to follow through on this treatment plan. They give medicines and other types of treatments as needed and observe the patient’s reaction to these medicines and treatments. They consult with physicians and any other medical professionals involved in the patient’s case. They may help the physician perform certain tests and procedures. A nurse operates several types of medical machines and equipment. They also teach patients how to continue care in their own homes.

Nurses Salary:

The pay for nurses is highly competitive and very lucrative. The nurses salary averages out to be $69,000 per year nationally. However, this does depend on several factors such as experience, education and even the region in which you work. Experience is very important in respect to a nurses income. The starting nurses salary is about $44,000 per year. The more experience you have the more your nurses wage will be. The average nurses salary for a nurse with five years of experience is around $53,000 a year. With ten years of experience you can expect a salary around $65,000 a year. The nurses salary will increase to $80,000 per year with fifteen years of experience. Once you have twenty years of experience as a nurse, you can expect a nurses salary of $96,000 a year. This is the highest level of experience and the highest nurses salary.

Nurses Educational Requirements:

In order to become a nurse you will need to have extensive training and education. In order to practice as a nurse, you will need to get a bachelor’s degree in nursing. This process will take you about four years to complete. The program that you choose must be accredited so that you qualify to take the national exam. Programs of study will include biology, anatomy, chemistry, nutrition, social sciences, behavioral health and more. The training and education will include both classroom work and on site clinical rotation in which students will be able to put what they have learned in the classroom into practical use. This is often done in hospitals and clinics. After you graduate, you will need to take the national licensing exam called the NCLEX-RN. This is required in all states and must be passed before you can be employed as a nurse. Nurses can additionally become certified in several different areas such as gerontology, obstetrics, pediatrics, emergency and more. Certification is not required but can increase your pay.

Nurses Work Environment:

The work environment for a nurse is similar to the environment of most medical careers. Nurses typically work in hospitals, medical clinics and doctor’s offices. Nurses work in well lit medical buildings with a comfortable environment. There will be extensive walking from room to room and the majority of the work will be done while standing up. Since nurses have to move around a lot they are susceptible to a high level of injuries that may include back and neck injuries. Nurses will also have to lift and adjust patients. Nurses must follow strict guidelines as they will be in contact with many types of diseases and sicknesses. They also may be in contact with chemicals and other substances so guidelines must always be followed. The work schedule for a nurse is typically forty to sixty hours per week. However, overnight , weekend and holiday hours are often required as many medical facilities and hospitals operate twenty four hours a day. Many nurses are also on call twenty four hours a day.

The work of a nurse is a very important part of our society. Without the care that they provide people would not live as long as they do these days. This is one reason that the job outlook for nurses is so in demand. Currently, there are more than 2.7 million people employed as nurses. In the near future there is to be an expected twenty six percent increase in the amount of jobs available. This means that there will be an additional 700,000 jobs added the already saturated market for nurses. This makes becoming a nurse one of the best career choices.


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