When we talk about the nursing assistance field, first thing we have to consider is that nursing assistants are valuable specialists which are able to make the health system run smoothly. They complete the basic tasks which are required by patient care like bathing, dressing and feeding. Besides these, they also assist nurses and doctors in various tasks such as setting up different medical equipments.

Even though the nursing assistants have to complete numerous and difficult tasks they have the lowest salaries within the medical field. This is mostly because there are no educational requests such as special degrees; the nursing assistants have to complete only some courses which are related to patient care. For this reason, the nursing assistant salary reflects a very important difference when it is compared to other medical salary grids. The average salary ranges from $20,000 up to $30,000 presenting a median of $26,000 a year, which means about $2,200 a month. However, there are different positions that are included by the generic nursing assistant position and all of these present various grids.

A study conducted by the National Pay Data reflects five different positions which are paid differently. The first one is the Certified Nurse Assistant having an average salary of $9 to $12, Nurse Assistant with an average pay of $10 to $13.50 and Patient Care Technician who earns a salary of $10.70 up to $13.40. Other two positions are the Nurse’s Aide with a salary of $9.40 up to $12.20 and Medical Assistant who earns a salary of $10 to $14.50 per hour. As with any job the more experience you have the higher the pay you can command. As any other salary, the nursing assistant rate includes bonuses and overtime which compound an average salary between $22,500 and $29,500 per year. Compared to the Licensed Practical Nurse salary that is about $43,000 annually, Certified Nursing Assistant salary represents a good bit less, difference that is reflected by educational aspects and responsibilities. For example, the Licensed Practical Nurse needs to complete a training of two years while a Certified Nursing Assistant completes a training of two to four weeks. However, at the bottom line, the work of a nursing assistant is more demanding than the one of a nurse.

The healthcare system officials understand these differences and try to balance the situation between these two groups. For this reason, the nursing assistant is paid with a basic salary that can be substantially increased through bonuses which are related to individual performances and years of experience.

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