The medical field has so many different occupations for you to choose from. An occupational therapist is a medical professional that helps patients with debilitating problems to complete normal every day activities. In essence, they help their patients live their lives to their fullest potential.

An occupational therapist is a medical professional that works with patients that have debilitating problems due to disease, accidents or developmental issues. They work with their patients to teach them ways to overcome their disabilities. The occupational therapist job description includes watching their patients perform daily tasks and helping them to improve how they perform these tasks. They also will speak with the patient about each task and look over the patients medical records. They will then come up with the best treatment plan for their patient using this information. As a part of the occupational therapist job description, you will be working with several different kinds of patients. These can include older people who have problems with memory, or helping people with painful diseases to perform everyday activities. Another aspect of the occupational therapist job requirements will include showing patients exercises that can help them work through their pain and complete their daily activities. A large part of the occupational therapist job description involves visiting the patient’s home and work environment to make sure that they can function well in these environments. The occupational therapist work skills will also include educating the patients family on how to care for the patient and help them to achieve these goals. You may also recommend equipment such as wheelchairs, walking devices and more.

Occupational Therapist Salary:

The occupational therapist salary is one of the best benefits of this job. The current national average occupational therapist salary is about $74,000 per year. This is however dependent upon several things which include the type of facility or industry you work in and even the city and state that you work out of. Location is very important in this career. The top places to work that offer the best salary are Dallas, TX, Stockton, CA, Beaumont, TX, Coeur d’Alene, ID, Las Vegas, NV and Elizabethtown, KY. The average occupational therapist salary in Dallas is about $92,000 a year. In Stockton,CA and Beaumont,TX the salary range is around $93,000 a year. Coeur d’Alene, ID offers a salary of $95,000 per year. Las Vegas, NV is another city that offers a higher than average salary. The average in Las Vegas is $97,000. The top salary can be found in Elizabethtown, KY. In Elizabethtown the salary averages out to about $98,000 per year.

Occupational Therapist Education:

The education of an occupational therapist is very important. You will need to attend college if you decide that this is the career for you. There are several programs out there for you to choose from. However, since you will need to be certified upon completion of this course, it is important that the program you choose is certified by NBCOT. First and foremost you will need to get a bachelor’s degree in a math or science. This will take four years. Then you will need to complete two to four years in a master’s or doctorate degree. The training will include work in the class room and work in an actual on site facility. Upon completion you will need to take the licensing test.

Occupational Therapist Work Environment:

The work environment for an occupational therapist will vary. There will be some work done within a medical facility like a hospital or rehab center. There will also be some work that is done in the patient’s home or work environment. This means that there will be lots of travel required as a part of your job. The work hours are typically full time hours. Hours worked can vary depending on the type of facility that you work in. There may be some overnight or overtime hours that are required of you. Most of the work done will be on your feet and will require some heavy lifting or moving of heavy equipment. You may also work in a team environment that involves other therapists and assistants.

The job of an occupational therapist is an important one. It is a job in which you will be helping people who can not help themselves. This is a career in which you can really make a difference. This job also requires several different skills as a part of the occupational therapist job description. You will need to have a lot of patience and understanding as some of your patient’s may be slow learners. You will also need very good listening skills and communication skills. You will also need good team skills as you will be working with several other medical professionals as a part of the care of your patients.

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