Many people are not sure of the pediatric nurse salary. What you should understand is that the salary is affected by several issues. So there is a high probability that you will find different pediatric nurses earning different salaries and yet they may be employed by the same employer. This article will give some explanations on how these issues affect the salary of these nurses. First and foremost, it is important that you should understand these issues. Some of the factors that will affect the salary of these nurses include education level, skills and experience.

Education level will affect the pediatric nurse salary because the higher the education level the better the salary. A bachelor’s degree in nursing will enable you to earn a good salary. A better salary is earned when you have a master’s level in nursing and you can be assured of a good package . The great thing about a nursing career is that regardless of whether you have a degree or masters, you will easily acquire a job with good salary.

In addition to a better salary that a pediatric nurse enjoys, you will also enjoy other benefits like dental, life and health insurance covers. Another factor which will affect your salary as a pediatric nurse is where you are employed. Large hospital establishment and private hospitals are known to offer better pay than small hospital establishments. There are also other locations which are known to offer better salaries for the fact that living in the large metropolitan area’s like New York or Los Angeles is more expensive so you have to be adequately compensated to cover the extra living costs.

When you undertake a master’s degree in nursing, it is important that you pass the exams; this will help you to become an advanced registered nurse, and it will be a big boost to your pediatric nurse salary income. There was research carried out by during the year 2008 to 2009. This research proved that the starting salary of a pediatric nurse is about 69 000 dollars. Remember that this salary is for those nurses with less than a year of practical experience. For those who have more than five years of experience their salary is over 80 000 dollars.

If you are a pediatric nurse with a bachelors degree, the starting salary is estimated to be over 45 000 dollars. This is the starting salary for a pediatric nurse with less than a year of practical experience. When you have more than three years of practical experience, you will be paid at least $50,000 and up. The pediatric nurse is a specialized field and if you have a love for children and the medical field then this is indeed a great career to consider.

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