Pharmacists are responsible for filling medication prescriptions when they are submitted by physicians as well as give advice about the medications they dispense to customers. Pharmacists are also in charge of discussing the different side effects that are associated with drugs that are prescribed. The pharmacist job description also includes the fact they must be knowledgeable about and how medicines are created and must have an understanding of the medical consequences and side effects involved with medications. The pharmacist position is a very attractive position that is very financially rewarding and gives people the opportunity to help those who need medications in order to stay healthy.

Salary Information:

Pharmacists enjoy an attractive salary that can vary based on their academics, experience, as well as the location in which they work. The average salary can range from $105,000 to $125,000 or even higher, which can help provide a very comfortable lifestyle. Pharmacists are also rewarded with very good benefit packages that include health, dental, vision, and life insurance coverage.

If you’re looking to become a pharmacist, then you’ll be happy to know that you are heading toward a very prosperous and rewarding career. Not only will you enjoy a very good salary but you will also have employment in an area of great benefit to your fellow man.


Pharmacists must receive a degree in pharmacy in order to practice in the field, which often times requires a minimum of 6 years of college education. There are a number of entry level courses that must be taken during the first two to three years of college. These courses often include different subjects such as mathematics, sciences, and other related courses designed to give the student a well rounded education. Upon completion of general courses and pending acceptance, students will enter the pharmacy program where they will work towards earning a pharmacy degree. Students can also continue their education beyond the standard pharmacy degree to earn further academic credentials. Pharmacists must be licensed in order to dispense and consult with patients about medications.

Working Condition:

Pharmacists work in very pleasant conditions where patients come to receive the medications that they have been prescribed. Pharmacists can work in pharmacies that are located within hospitals, department stores, and they can also open up their own private pharmacy. Those looking to enter into a pharmacy career can anticipate working some nights and weekends, and they should also plan on spending most of their time on their feet. Pharmacists are expected to have good management, communication, and organization skills, and should be able to pay attention to detail at a high level. Some will seek employment with Laboratories or with drug companies that pay very high salaries.

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