Pharmacy technicians are medical professionals that work under the supervision of pharmacists. They often work in pharmacies, medical facilities and hospitals. They prepare medications and give them to patients.

A pharmacy technician works with a pharmacist as their personal assistant. They will do several different functions as a part of the pharmacy technician job description. They will create and maintain patient profiles that include each patient’s medication list. They ensure that proper storage and conditions are maintained for drugs and medications. As a part of the pharmacy technician job description they will answer telephones within the pharmacy and answer any questions that patients may have about their medications. The pharmacy technician job requirements involve preparing medications by mixing drugs, counting out pill amounts, label and record amounts. This is all done according to prescription slips provided by doctors and pharmacists. The pharmacist technician job orders include cleaning and sterilizing all equipment according to guidelines. They price medications and file them for patients to pick up. They answer questions at the desk or refer them directly to the pharmacist. They receive supplies, verify invoices and remove any outdated medications. They will also inform pharmacists about which types of supplies are needed.

Pharmacy Technician Salary:

The average pharmacy technician salary is around $30,000 a year or $14 an hour. The amount that you make will be dependent upon the type of place you work, the amount of experience you have and the region of the United States that you work in. The region of the United States that you work in will greatly affect the amount of the salary. Most of the top salaries can be found in the western region of the United States. The top states to work in are Hawaii, Washington, DC, California, Washington state and Alaska. The salary in Hawaii is currently around $35,000 a year or an hourly salary of $16 an hour.Washington state, Washington, DC and California all offer salaries in the $38,000 per year range or an hourly salary of $18 an hour. The top salary for pharmacy technicians can be found in Alaska. The average salary for Alaska is $39,000 a year or almost $19 an hour.

Pharmacy Technician Education:

If you are interested in becoming a pharmacy technician, some employers may hire you with no experience at all. Although there are several types of programs available that will train you in pharmacy technology. These courses will get you ready for all of the pharmacy technician job description requirements. There are programs that will take from one to two years to complete and will teach you all that you need to know. These courses can be taken from vocational schools and community colleges. Courses will include pharmacology, pharmacy systems, medicine dosage and calculations, advanced pharmacy practices, health care law and ethics, medical terminology, diseases of the human body and much more. The course will also give you all the needed knowledge in order to pass the CphT exam that is overseen by PTCB. Most states require that pharmacy techs are certified.

Pharmacy Technician Work Environment:

The work environment for a pharmacy technician is typically within a hospital or a pharmacy environment. As a pharmacy technician you will be working in a team with other pharmacy staff such as a pharmacists and other technicians. You will be working closely with customers and will need to have good communication and empathy skills. You will be spending almost all your time on your feet. You will have to answer telephones and provide information to your customers. You will also need to be able to have a good perception of math and money handling skills. Additional skills may also be required such as critical thinking, working with insurance policies and companies and you will need to be able to make decision quickly. You will also need to understand medications and be able to understand what people are saying and asking of you. The average work schedule for a pharmacy technician is often full time hours. This will often be forty hours or more and will often require overnight and weekend hours since many pharmacies are opened twenty four hours a day.

As a pharmacy technician you will be a part of an exciting industry. You will get to work with people and also work within the medicine industry. It is also a job that offers lots of room for advancement. Many pharmacists will start out as pharmacy technicians. There is also a great job outlook for the future of pharmacy technicians. Currently, there are more than 334,000 people who are employed as pharmacy technicians. There is a very high rate of expansion expected by 2020. There is a rate of thirty four percent more jobs expected to be added to the market. Which means that there will be an additional 100,000 jobs added.

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