In order to understand the pharmacy technician salary range, you will need to understand the kind of role these professionals are playing today in the field of patient care. The busier and more occupied a pharmacist office is, the bigger will be the responsibility of the technician working under them. In the modern times of today, the human healthcare profession is assuming wider and wider importance, and hence, the need for pharmacists to expand the gambit of their role in patient care has become all the more essential.

Since there has been a recent, visible increase in the overall duties of the pharmacist, they feel the need to delegate a portion of their tasks - non-critical ones - to the technicians working under them. Though such "techs" are qualified to carry out the tasks assigned by the pharmacists, their salary is not as high as that drawn by the pharmacists themselves, at least at the start-up level. That is the reason you will see that a busy pharmacist would rather hire a pharmacy tech - available at a lower pay scale - to assist him instead of hiring a another fully qualified pharmacist who would expect a higher salary rate.

A pharmacy technician could be quickly relieved of their job - as an additional pair of hands of a pharmacist - if they neither do nor perform as expected. They may be required to assist the pharmacist in performing various tasks; from administrative work, to stock-related ones, as there is no job description that is set in stone. However, the tasks performed by them should not be in contravention to state regulations. Understandably, the salary drawn by a pharmacy technician would be in proportion to the extent of all tasks performed, as well as the income and geographic location of the pharmacy.

A pharmacy tech who is interested in growing in their career, both financially and professionally, should gain initial experience in a smaller pharmacy and then progress to bigger pharmacies and take up more responsibilities by assuming supervisory roles as an example. Though there are no specific training requirements for a tech - one can acquire the skills by working under a pharmacist, purists would prefer some sort of formal training and qualification procedure to ensure good execution of tasks assigned. You will also come across certain pharmacy technicians who will slowly progress to the level of pharmacists by acquiring the required educational qualifications and certifications through sheer will power and determination! It is not an impossible task if one has a passion for working in the field of pharmaceutical sciences.

Hence, in order to earn a good pharmacy technician salary at the entry-level itself, it would be advisable to undergo a training and certification course from a recognized institute. As per US state laws, high school graduates are eligible to take up the job of a pharmacy technician. In present times, many employers prefer to hire such applicants who have a good educational background and have had some formal training in the said discipline. However, there are some employers who will not mind hiring untrained technicians. They will start them at a lower pay scale and give them in-house training which is pertinent to their style, performance and job function.

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