The scope of phlebotomy is increasing day by day, and if the Phlebotomist is well trained then he will know all benefits and risks of the procedure. During their training Phlebotomist are also educated about the certain conditions of the patient, which require a considerable deal of care, during the procedure. When it comes to phlebotomy salary, then first we have to look for the employment opportunity. As phlebotomy is an upcoming profession, thus employment opportunities of Phlebotomist are increasing in the health sector. Nowadays there are many opportunities available for these people, because the education has changed the mind of people and they want specialist in each and every field. People prefer those hospitals which have trained Phlebotomist, this is because the health is vital and they do not want to take the risk.

Salary is quite admirable in leading hospitals as compared to private clinics and laboratories. There are some renowned hospitals which have their own laboratories in different areas for ease of patient; in such hospitals phlebotomy salary is strong enough. The phlebotomy salary also differs, if the Phlebotomist is experienced. With experienced and well trained phlebotomist, the salary is more but with newly passes Phlebotomist the opportunities and salary is somewhat less than the experienced one. I believe that initially everyone has to compromise on salary, but when the experience is gained, phlebotomy salary will increase accordingly. Recently many surveys have been performed and on an hourly basis it has been found that maximum phlebotomy salary is about fourteen dollars per hour. This was the hourly salary and convenience for the part time workers, but if we calculate monthly than the maximum salary of licensed Phlebotomist will be about twenty eight thousand dollars. Phlebotomy salary also differs in case of travelling; if the Phlebotomist is working in any setting and his job involves travelling then salary will be more. However, there are some phlebotomists who are only part time; who go to patient places for blood collection then in those cases salary will also be different.

The phlebotomy salary keeps on increasing with increasing experience; we can say there is a direct relationship between experience and amount of salary. It has been found that if the experience is less than five years then maximum salary will be up to thirty four thousand dollars. With more than five years of experience salary can go up to thirty five thousand dollars. Obviously as, mentioned before the salary in a small setting will be less and it also depends on the location of setting, urban areas have more salaries as compared to rural areas. Up till now the highest salary recorded is up to forty five thousand dollars. Some settings also offer other benefits along with phlebotomy salary; in those most prominent benefit is the health benefit. These people usually receive medical allowances for their self and their family. Similarly, some other benefits like house rent, travelling allowance and others are included. But it should be kept clear that phlebotomy salary and benefits differ in different settings depending upon their policies, but in government settings, the salary is almost same, because they all have to follow government policies.

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