Photography is all about getting the shot. But you may wonder if you can actually make a living just by getting the shot and the answer is, yes you can. A photographer provides a useful service that all people can use. They provide a visual recording of life’s events.

As a photographer, you will be the person that people come to in order to preserve their life in picture form. This can be for things such as weddings and births to everyday family outings and portraits. As a photographer you will have several job functions that you will need to complete. One of the first things that you will need to do is to attract clients. This will include marketing and advertising your services. Once you have attracted clients you will need to analyze each situation in order to find the best way to capture your subject. You will use various types of photography techniques and equipment including tripods, filters, flash attachments and more. Photographers may use natural or artificial lighting to enhance their subjects. The main job of a photographer is to capture their subject in high quality images. They also put together portfolios to show prospective clients some of their best work.

Photographer Salary:

The average photographer salary is about $29,000 per year. However, this will depend on many factors such as the place you work, how many clients you have, your expertise and more. The type of place that you work will also affect the amount of the photographer income. The following industries offer the top photographer wages. Scientific research centers and doctor’s offices offer a photographer salary of $54,000 per year. The photographer income in cable programming services is about $59,000 a year. The motion picture industry offers a photographer salary of $63,000 per year. The top salary is offered within the aerospace manufacturing industry. In this industry the average wage is $65,000 for photographers.

Photographer Education:

If you have decided to become a photographer as a career, you may decide that you want to take some classes in a college setting. Although not required, more and more photography professionals are choosing to attend college and get a degree in photography or photojournalism. This can take from one to two years to complete depending on the type of degree you choose to take. These classes can be taken at vocational schools, community colleges and universities. The courses will teach you the basics of photography, equipment used, proper techniques, lighting, design and composition. Many employers will also train you once you are hired. They may also offer internships or apprenticeships depending on the place you work. Business and marketing classes may also be needed if you plan to become a self employed photographer. It is also important to develop a portfolio in order to show this to potential clients and potential employers. Many employers will not hire a photographer that does not have some type of portfolio to show them previous work experience.

Photographer Work Environment:

The work environment for a photographer can vary a lot. It will greatly depend on the place that you work. Some photographers do work in photography studios. The set up is typically a large room with good lighting and lots of backdrops and other photography equipment. However, many photographers will work on location and travel to different events to take pictures. Such as a wedding or baby shower. More than sixty percent of all photographers are self employed so there will be lots of travel involved for these types of photographers. Photographers also will be standing, stooping or bending during their work in order to get the best shot. As a photographer you will also have to carry around heavy and bulky equipment and set this equipment up yourself. The hours worked will vary depending on the type of photography you do and the number of clients that you have. Many only work part time hours but others such as photojournalists and aerial photographers may work very long hours in excess of sixty hours per week. Many photographers may work longer hours during certain seasons such as wedding season in the spring and summer and the Christmas holiday season.

Becoming a photographer can be the perfect job for you if you love taking pictures, you have a creative mind and you can think critically. It is a great job in which you can do something you love while providing a much needed service to your clients. The job outlook for a photographer is currently about average with other occupations. Currently, there are more than 130,000 people employed as photographers. The rate of expansion in the job market is about thirteen percent. This means that there will be an additional 17,000 jobs added by 2020. There is strong competition for jobs so it is important to hone your skills.

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