It can be very difficult to find a career in which you can make both a great salary and enjoy what you do every day. If you like to help people recover from accidents then a job as a physical therapist may be the perfect job for you. As a physical therapist, you will have several different job functions that you will need to perform. One of your first jobs will be seeing the patient and diagnosing them. This will be done by watching the patient move during walking, sitting, bending and jogging. You will then need to determine what course of action that you want to take and develop a treatment plan for your patient. This will be done through the use of supervised exercises and through the use of therapy machines.

You will also need to speak to the patient and their family to teach them exercises and movements that they can do at home to ensure a quicker recovery and make sure that the muscles are being used properly. At home therapy sessions may also be provided depending on the patient’s condition and prognosis. Scheduling and billing may also be handled depending on the type of office you work in and how large it is.

Physical Therapist Salary:

The physical therapist salary is a very nice way to make a great living. At this time the average physical therapist salary is in the $76,000 range. This is the same as an hourly salary of $38 an hour. The place that you work will have a large effect on the amount of money that you will make. Elderly care facilities offer salaries of $82,000 per year. Employment agencies offer a salary of $84,000 a year. The best salaries can be obtained by working in certain industries. The two top industries are home health care facilities and technical consulting agencies. The salary in these two industries ranges from $89,000 to $108,000 a year. It is also important to look at the amount of the benefits package as this can also provide several thousands more to your salary.

Physical Therapist Education Requirements:

The physical therapist education requirements are very important. You will need to dedicate several years to your physical educational requirements. It will require lots of time and dedication. The first part of the physical therapist education requirements will be to get your bachelor’s degree. Most PT schools are looking for people who have degrees in science or math. The next piece of the physical therapist educational requirements will be to apply and get accepted into an accredited PT school. The physical therapist education requirements will take an additional three years to complete. This will include both in class work and on site clinical rotations. After you graduate, you can complete the last step in the physical therapist education requirements. You can now take the test to become licensed to practice. You will need to take a written and practical test and once this has been passed, you are now fully licensed and able to start working.

Physical Therapist Work Settings:

The work environment of a physical therapist will mainly be in a medical environment. More than sixty percent of physical therapists work in a hospital or a doctor’s office setting. More than seventy percent of physical therapists work a full time schedule but there are a few who do work on a part time basis or who may work overtime and on weekends depending on the place they work. Only a small number of physical therapists are self employed. Most of the work schedule is spent on your feet working with your patients and moving them around. Some movement of heavy machines may also be required. You may also work in a team of aides and assistants as a part of the patient’s overall care. You will be the head of all of these people so it will be your team. Often times you will be the boss and will have to give jobs out and ensure that all your employees are performing at their top levels. The physical therapist sessions may take place in a treatment room and also in an office setting.

If you are looking for one of the best careers possible, then you may have found just that with the career of a physical therapist. It offers many benefits to someone who chooses this career. Not only does it offer a job in which you make a great salary but it is also a job that has a great job outlook. As of 2012, there are more than 198,000 people employed as PTs. Within the next few years, there is to be a thirty nine percent increase in the job market. What does this mean for you? It means that there will be more than 77,000 jobs added to the already in demand market for new physical therapists.

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