A radiologist is a doctor that works mostly with cancer patients by treating them with radiation treatments that can possibly extend the lives of very ill people. As a radiologist, you will treat patients that have been referred to you for imaging of certain body parts and for radiation treatments. Also, you will examine your patient and decide on the correct course of treatment for this patient. This can include the type of radiation or imaging that is needed and also the amount that is needed. They also check the patient’s chart to make sure that all information is correct especially any medication allergies that they may have. The procedure is then explained to the patient and they are advised of any possible side effects or outcomes. The patient may need to drink a solution in order to be imaged. Some types of radiation will require the patient to receive injections of certain types of drugs or solutions.

A radiologist uses several different types of machines to do their imaging and radiation. They use these machines for both treatment and diagnostic purposes. Outcomes of treatment and imaging procedures are discussed with the referring physician.

Radiologist Salary:

The salary of a radiologist is among one of the highest of all the specialty doctors. The average radiologist salary is in the $100,000 range. There are several ways that you can max out your salary and make several more thousand than the average radiologist. Experience is one factor that can potentially help you to be offered more money for your radiologist salary. As a newly graduated radiologist, you will start with a salary of about $310,000 per year. Each year of experience that you gain will gain you more money. By the time you have five years of experience, you will be making a salary of $90,000 a year. With ten years of experience you can expect a salary of $350,000 a year. The top salary for radiologists is around $430,000 a year. This can be obtained after you have worked in the field for twenty years or more.

Radiologist Education:

To become a radiologist you will need lots of time and dedication. The radiologist education will take you many years to complete. The radiologist educational requirements are very extensive. The first step in this process will involve getting a bachelor’s degree. This is required as a part of your radiologist education. This must be completed before you can enter a radiology program. Any degree is acceptable but most radiology programs prefer a degree in a math or science. Your next step is to apply for an accredited radiology program. This will be your first real step in your radiologist education. Once accepted into a medical program, you will spend the next three to four years learning several different topics. The first part of the radiologist education will include classroom work. This will involve topics such as radiology, math, biology, physics and social sciences. The second part of your education will include on site clinical rotations. After you graduate from the program, you will need to complete a five year program of residency usually at a hospital. There is also an additional four year residency required at a specialized clinic for radiology. After you complete your residency requirements, you can take the certification exam. This is your last step in your radiologist educational requirements.

Radiologist Work Environment:

The work environment of a radiologist will depend on the type of medical facility that you work in. However, the environment is similar to the environment of most hospitals or large medical facilities and cancer clinics. The environment often has low levels of lighting due to the imaging equipment. As a radiologist the hours that you work can vary. This can be due to the type of place that you work. Some hospitals may require more hours than normal. On average, a radiologist works about 40 – 50 hours per week. Some overtime or on call hours may be required. This job may also have a very high level of stress. You will mainly perform all of your duties while standing up so this is also a part of your work day.

If you are interested in a career as a radiologist, it is a great way to make a great salary, it has a nice working environment and offers a way to make a living that you can be proud of. This is a job that you will need lots of determination for. Being a doctor and especially a specialist, is not a forty hour work week and then you go home. It is a career in which you will often be on call and it is a highly stressful environment also. You will need to take all of the work you do seriously, and to also offer a high level of care and understanding to the patients that you see.

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