A radiologist technician is a medical professional that works with physicians to provide imaging services as needed for their patients. These procedures are generally done for diagnostic purposes and are reported back the physician who has ordered them.

There are many different job skills that a radiologist technician will need to perform. The first thing that they must do is to make sure that all the equipment is in good working order and has been serviced. This will include adjusting and fixing any problems the machines may be having. A radiologist technician follows the orders of a physician in what type of imaging is needed and what part of the body it is to be done on. They prepare patients by describing the imaging that is to be done and taking the patient’s medical history. They will position the patient to ready them for the imaging and cover any areas that are not to be imaged. Once the patient is positioned correctly, they operate the imaging equipment to get the image that has been ordered. They read the images with the help of a radiologist and report this information back to the physician. They update the patient’s records with this information.

Radiologist Technician Salary:

The average radiologist technician salary currently averages out to be $56,000 a year. This amount will depend on the amount of experience you have, the type of education you have received and the city and state that you live in. Experience is one of the main things that will factor in to the amount of the radiologist technician wage. The starting radiologist technician income is $37,000 a year. This will increase with more experience. Once you have five years of experience, you will be able to obtain a radiologist technician salary of $44,000 a year. After you have ten years of experience, you will be able to make an average radiologist technician income of $55,000 a year. The yearly salary after fifteen years will increase to $67,000 a year. The top salary will come once you have twenty or more years of experience. At this level of experience you will make a radiologist technician income of $77,000 a year.

Radiologist Technician Education:

If you have decided that a career as a radiologist technician is the track that you want to take, you will need to attend a formal educational course. There are several different degrees that are available. There is a one year certificate, a two year associate’s degree or a four year bachelor’s degree. Most jobs are looking for applicants that at least have an associate’s degree. The training and education will include both in class work and on site clinical rotations in which you will get to work with real patients and put what you have learned in class into real life experience. Courses will include imaging procedures, pathology, physics and radiation protection. Licensing is also required after your degree has been completed. This is required in all fifty states. It is a computer based test that is given by the ARRT. Once you have passed this licensing test, you will be able to start work.

Radiologist Technician Work Environment:

The work environment of a radiologist technician is similar to many other medical occupations. This will include working in hospitals, clinics and other types of medical facilities. A radiologist technician will need to be on their feet for the majority of their work schedule. They will also need to move heavy equipment and to turn and position patients. Lots of bending and moving may be required. They are often exposed to sick people and many different types of diseases as a part of their job also. Radiologist technicians      typically wear protective clothing to protect themselves from these hazards. This clothing may include gloves, lead aprons and other types of shields from the radiation. They must also keep a running total of the radiation levels in the room and the levels that they have been exposed too. The work hours for a radiologist technician are normally forty hours per week. Some night and overtime hours may be needed if you work in a twenty four hour facility such as a hospital.

There are many great reasons to become a radiologist technician. The career offers a great way to make a nice salary, a nice environment to work in and a great way to help people when they need it most. Another great aspect of this career is that it offers a great job outlook for the future. Currently, there are more than 220,000 people employed as radiologist technicians. This number is set to increase by twenty eight percent in the next six to eight years. This means that there will be an additional 61,000 jobs added to the market. Which makes this career a great choice for anyone to make.

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