A rheumatologist is a medical doctor that specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of arthritis and other types of muscloskeletal diseases. They may be an internist or a pediatrician within this specialty.

The main job of a rheumatologist is to treat patients that have been referred to them by the primary care physician. The rheumatologist salary can vary based on the specializations. They typically treat a variety of conditions including arthritis, gout, osteoporosis, fibromyalgia, tendinitis and other types of rheumatic diseases that regular internists and pediatricians are not trained to treat. When a patient has been referred for one of these problems, the rheumatologist will look over the patients file to determine what may be causing the problem. In order to diagnose their problem they may conduct a physical exam or other types of diagnostic tests to find the joint pain. Since some of the diseases are hard to find the rheumatologist may need to see a patient several times before they can come up with a diagnosis and course of treatment. Also you may have to visit the rheumatologist for many visits due to the chronic nature of most of these diseases. Rheumatologists work closely with their patients to provide pain relief and ensure the comfort of their patient as much as possible.

Rheumatologist Salary:

The current rheumatologist salary in the United States averages out to be around $194,000 per year. This rheumatologist salary amount is dependent on your experience and education along with the area of the United States that you work it. Another factor that may affect the amount of your rheumatologist salary is the type of place that you work. As with most jobs, experience is one of the most important factors that go into the amount of the rheumatologist income. The current starting salary for a rheumatologist with little or not experience is $161,000 per year. This will increase as you gain valuable patient experience and are better able to diagnose your patients. With five years of experience under your belt, the rheumatologist salary will increase to $175,000 per year. After you have worked in the field for ten years the rheumatologist pay rate will increase to levels of $195,000 per year. Fifteen years of experience will increase the rheumatologist salary to $218,000 per year. The top rheumatologist salary is $240,000 per year. This will be offered to you once you have at least twenty years of experience within the field of rheumatology.

Rheumatologist Education:

In order to become a rheumatologist you will need to go to college and complete medical school along with several years of training in the field of rheumatology. This process can take many years and will require a strict discipline of hard studying and dedication. The first part of this process will be to get your undergraduate bachelor’s degree in some type of science or pre-med studies. This will take four years to complete. Then you will need to take the MCAT exam. Be sure that you study hard and get the best grades possible. Next you will need to apply and get accepted into a medical school that offers rheumatology as a sub specialty. This will take four years to complete. The first two will cover the basic of medical treatments and the last two will concentrate on your sub specialty. You will then need to complete a residency in internal medicine followed by a fellowship in rheumatology. This will take an additional four to six years to complete. The last part of this process will involve passing the board medical exams and specialty exams in internal medicine and rheumatology. After you have completed this full process you are now are now able to practice as a rheumatologist.

Rheumatologist Job Description:

The job description for a rheumatologist is typically within a medical clinic, hospital, outpatient facility or doctor’s office. The environment is medically sterile, well lit and temperature controlled. You typically will work in a medical office environment and may provide treatment modalities and tests within a medical treatment room. You may work in your own practice or you may work as a part of a larger team of doctors and specialists. The average work schedule for a rheumatologist is typically a full time schedule of at least sixty or more hours per week. This may include many hours of overtime and may involve being on call twenty four hours a day. This will effect the rheumatologist salary level.

The work of a rheumatologist is very important. You will be helping your patients to live a life with less pain. This is a career that you can be proud to do each day. It is also a career that is seeing a great level of growth potential for the rheumatologist salary. Which means that you will never have to worry about your finances or being unable to find a job. That is vitally important in the current economic times in this country.

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