A career as a social worker is one of the most noble careers that you can take on. It is a job in which you will be working with all types of people and helping them to cope with several different types of problems such as being diagnosed with cancer.

A social worker is a career in which you will help people to cope with different challenges that they may be facing in their lives. This can include the adoption of a child, a family death or even coping with a terminal illness. The main part of the social worker job description will include assessing clients to identify the ones who do need your help. This will involve assessing their environment, goals, strengths and weaknesses. Another large part of the social worker job description is to develop ways for clients to improve their disposition. This will include helping them adjust to different situations and life events. Social workers will also help their clients apply for help from the government such as child support and food stamp programs. They also help clients by responding to emergency situations such as child abuse or disasters such as tornadoes.  The job description of a social worker also includes following up with clients to see how they are doing and evaluate any further needs of the client. Some types of social workers have additional job duties. The social worker job description can also include working with mental and emotionally unstable patients. They provide therapy and develop treatment plans in conjunction with doctors. The social worker job description will vary depending on the client.

Social Worker Salary:

The current national average for a social worker is about $42,500 per year. This will depend on the type of social worker you are, the social worker job description, the type of place you work and even the region of the United States that you work in. Experience is also another factor that can affect the amount of money that you make. The starting salary for a new graduate is $30,000 per year or $14 an hour. By the time that you gain twenty years of experience, you will be able to make a salary average of  $79,000 a year or $38 an hour. Additionally, the top social worker salary can be found in West Virginia with an average at $68,000 per year.

Social Worker Education:

In order to become a social worker, you will need to attend an accredited college course by the CSWE. There are more than four hundred accredited courses to choose from. The majority of all social worker jobs will require you to have a bachelor’s degree in social work. For higher level jobs you will need a master’s degree. The course will take about four years to complete. The courses will contain several different classes such as psychological statistics, cultural anthropology, principles of social work, human behavioral theory, issues in social work, foundations of social work and research. An additional four hundred hours of field work is required. Internships may also be available. Certification or licensing is required in all fifty states for clinical social workers. Licensing will require two years of work experience in addition to obtaining your master’ degree. Licensing is optional for non clinical social workers.

Social Worker Work Environment:

The work environment for a social worker will vary. This can depend upon the social worker job description. They can work in hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, mental hospitals and even schools and the government. Most social workers will have their own office, but there will be extensive traveling to visit clients and check their situations. Social workers will often have several cases going at one time and may be assigned to several hospitals and clinics at one time. The hours for a social worker will vary depending on the case load that they have. The work schedule is typically forty hours per week but will often include evening and overtime hours that may extend into the weekend. The work that is done may be highly stressful due to the nature of the work and the amount of work that is handled. Social workers need highly developed people skills and a ton of compassion for other people’s situations.

A career as a social worker is one of the most highly respected careers out there. It is not a good career for you if you expect to get rich. You will need to be able to handle highly stressful and sometimes dangerous situations such as child or spousal abuse. However, there are many great things about becoming a social worker. It is a job that has a great job outlook for the future. Currently there are 650,000 social workers employed. Within the next few years the number of jobs available will be more than 800,000. This makes this career choice a great one.

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