If you were to read a surgeon job description, you would likely find out that a surgeon is a type of medical doctor who performs surgery on people who require it for some type of reason. The surgery may be performed to prevent the spread of a disease, repair some type of injury that has been suffered or correct a deforming condition such as a cleft palate. There are different types of surgeons who perform different types of medical surgery.

A general surgeon is one who can perform all sorts of general surgeries. This type of surgeon would be most helpful to have in an Emergency Room of a hospital as there are all sorts of people, suffering from trauma, who are brought into the ER that require surgery. Due to a surgeons job description, he or she must always be ready to help out those people who are in need of their expertise.

There are other types of doctors who perform surgeries in specialized area. For example, the pediatric surgeon job description would state that he or she would specialize in surgery for children. An orthopedic surgeon would specialize in muscoskeleton surgery.

A surgeon job description can give one further information regarding the education and training that is necessary to qualify to be eligible to take a licensing examination and earn board certification for specific areas in which he or she wishes to specialize. A four year bachelor's degree, with a major in science is usually required in order to enter medical school and earn a four year medical doctor degree. While eight years is usually the time spent to earn both degrees, it is possible to earn both in a matter of six years.

According to the most current surgeon job description, the general outlook for employment for people qualified in these positions is quite good. The expansion of the health care system, as well as the aging of the general population will create a need for qualified surgeons.

In addition, there is money to be made as one of these medical professionals. Currently, the median salary is in excess of two hundred and twenty thousand dollars. The location in which he or she works and the areas of specialization he or she is qualified for will have a bearing on exact salary figures.

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