In this article, we shall discuss a few important points about this salary. Right when you enter this field, do not expect a high salary. The salary will be good but it will simply reflect your position as a newcomer. But the growth potential is unlimited.

As you rise up the ranks, so will your salary increase. But even in this case, the surgical technician salary depends on a wide range of factors. We will talk of these factors in our next segment.


The first factor on which this salary depends is on the geographical location of your job. Urban developed areas pay more as compared to less developed areas. Surgical technicians require a certain level of expertise and the more training and education you achieve, the more income you earn.

Along with this is combined the level of experience you have. A lot of people go with earning Surgical Technician Certificates. These certificates are of immense help especially if you want to improve your salary or want a promotion.


The salary is somewhere between $36,053 and $44,028. This is the record of annual salary earned by the middle 50% of surgical technicians according to a recent survey made by the website When it comes to the top 10%, it rests somewhere around $47,874.

But it is possible to improve upon your career even after you have gotten into a job. Specialization courses are one way in which you can improve your career prospects. Open heart surgery for one is many of the methods in which you can increase the salary.

A large medical facility which can examine a lot of patients is likely to pay a surgical technician a lot more than a small facility. Same is the case with large cities and small towns. So it is always better to opt for large cities or bigger medical facilities if you want to earn a high salary.

Additional Benefits:

There are some benefits when you become a full-time surgical technologist. Like other corporate jobs, these benefits are many. They involve retirement options, paid holidays, sick leave, paid vacation and health insurance.

In fact, there are programs dealing with "tuition reimbursement" and some employers help you to avail these programs. These kinds of programs also help you to get your Surgical Technician Certificate and renewing credentials for a small amount of money.

But for all this to begin, you need to first achieve a degree in surgical technology. If you are ready to work, you will get a high pay gradually. You should be ready to work from the bottom and make your way to the top. Training pays. These factors all constitute in making a healthy salary.

San Diego is the highest paying city for a surgical technician while Atlanta pays the lowest. This would correspond to the development and opportunity of jobs in the two places. Location thus is an important constituent of salary.

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